These are the reasons for the cancellation of the sentence.

These are the reasons for the cancellation of the sentence.

They have shown us, even recently, that mathematical justice is more flexible, let’s say And we are stubborn in insisting on those strict jurisprudential principles of justice, which contains a capital letter g. In analyzing Juventus’ appeal, the Guarantees Board will bear the heavy responsibility of making us understand how sporting it is and how fair it is administered, motivating its decision in a reliable and transparent manner, whatever it may be. Indeed, the grievances and comments made by Juventus in their appeal against Refer-15 are serious for those who rule under the rule of law and must do so in accordance with the fundamental rules, even when it comes to sport. It’s a good sport, but it’s still fair and always.

Juventus appeal: legal misrepresentations of the referee

We have read the appeal of Juventus’ lawyers and there are many legal distortions of the ruling that imposed 15 penalty points on Juventus: there is no law for which Juventus were convicted. There is no fair trial, in which minimum rights are guaranteed to those who defend themselves; The cancellation clauses are missing, given that the “new facts” were already known at the time The acquittal was issued on May 22; The technical foundations of the main accusation are also missing, that is, he created «Fraudulent system at first». In short, it lacks a little too much for such a cruel and painful punishment. So there is no law. And it is not really the details of those who see themselves condemned. Because, as the Juventus appeal explains, it was precisely the Federal Court of Appeal, when it acquitted all the referrals of the Prosecutor General in the “capital gains case” on May 27, 2022, to denounce the lack of legislation on the subject and the lack of “regulatory parameters»To assign a value to the player’s performance rights, with the consequent impossibility of assessing the capital gains resulting from the 15 disputed purchases and sales against Juventus as “significant” in the disciplinary proceedings.

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