TMW – Tonali and Wozniolo exit, how Italy’s formation changes: Fratesi in midfield

TMW – Tonali and Wozniolo exit, how Italy’s formation changes: Fratesi in midfield


Luciano Spalletti, coach of the Italy national team, continued preparations for Saturday’s match against Malta at Coversiano Stadium today. Since the afternoon session – which preceded the arrival of police inspectors and the Italian Federation’s statement on the Tonali and Zniolo cases – quite clear indicators have already emerged regarding the possible line-up. Indicators that, in light of the absence of players, take on more substance. The main news relates to the confirmation of the trident tested yesterday: in today’s tactical tests, in fact, we saw Berardi on the right in attack, Raspadori at center forward and Kane on the left (Juventus player, in the enforced absence of Zaniolo). , practically certain of the location).

Di Lorenzo returns. Acerbe instead of Bastoni
Thus, all three will lead the Azzurri in Bari against Malta, while with regard to the other departments there are some new features to note: the first concerns Di Lorenzo, with the Napoli full-back captain fully recovered and undergoing testing in the league. Starting the defense with Acerbi (in place of Bastoni), with Mancini and Demarco completing the section.

No more runoff.
Finally, another change compared to yesterday concerns the midfield department: how He plays – In 4-3-3 – Cristante (not Locatelli) was tested. With Barella, the division will be completed by Fratesi, who until a few hours ago was in the run-off with Tonali.

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