Drunk Lottie Moss tattoos herself on her face, then regrets it

Drunk Lottie Moss tattoos herself on her face, then regrets it

tattoo of shine – During one wild night, Lottie Moss got the word Lover tattooed on her cheekbones. She recovered during her tattoo session and shared the video on Tik Tok. He told his followers in a sarcastic and provocative tone: “Do not drink alcohol.” “I don’t give anything away… really,” he added, visibly drunk.

the awakening – Getting up in the morning for Lottie Moss was a bit of a shock. Once he regained his clarity, he realized what he had really done. “I don’t have much to say about last night, except that it could have been avoided. But I’m not sorry, we’re going to learn to love him. The world is going to learn to love him and my mom is going to learn to love him,” he said in a social video.

depression and addiction – Lottie Moss told her followers that she was addicted to cocaine and was being treated in rehab. She also said she faced a difficult battle with depression: “I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, I stopped modeling, I didn’t recognize myself anymore. Talking is very important, with your therapist, with your parents or with your friends, if you don’t, you can’t.” Healing, and you can’t beat it. It’s just rot in your brain, it’s poison,” he said.

Who is Lottie Moss – Lottie Moss is 24 years old and is an English model and influencer who is very active on Tik Tok and Only Fans, but also on Instagram where there is no shortage Topless shots or with B side showing. She is the sister of the model’s father Kate Moss who was a bridesmaid at the wedding. She started her career in fashion when she was just 12 when she was featured in Vogue.

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