Strega Giovanni Award 2023 to Ada D’Adamo for Come d’aria

Strega Giovanni Award 2023 to Ada D’Adamo for Come d’aria

Ada d’Adamo, with the novel “Come d’aria” (Elliot), who died last April 1 at the age of 55, is the winner of the tenth edition of the Premio Strega Giovani. The winner was announced by Stefano Petrucci, Director of the Belonchi Foundation, during the event hosted by Loredana Lipperini and held at the Mann – National Archaeological Museum in Naples, led by Paolo Gulerini. Giovanna Sonnino and Giuseppe Tantello, actors of the “Mare fuori” series, and producer Michele Zata took part and lent their voices to some of the excerpts from the nominated books.

It was Andrea D’Angelo, vice-president of Strega Alberti, who presented the award to Alfredo Favi, the writer’s late husband. The book Ada d’Adamo was, with 83 favourites, out of 503, the most voted book by a jury of girls and boys aged 16 to 18 from 91 secondary schools distributed in Italy and abroad. The second and third places go to Rosella Postorino, author of “I confine myself to loving you” (Feltrinelli), with 64 votes, and Carmen Verdi, author of “Minimum Unhappiness” (Neri Boza), with 60 votes. All three books receive a valid vote to be named finalists for the Strega Prize.

Cinquena will be voted on today, Wednesday 7 June, at the Roman Theater of Benevento, where the nominated authors will once again present themselves in honor of the historical patron city that has given its name to the noble prize since its creation. Basis, Strega Alberti liqueur. The concert will start at 18.30 with Stefano Coletta conducting and Renato Giordano directing. The event can be seen live on Rai Play.

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During the event, the Leggiamoci 2023 Fiction for Future Award was also awarded to female students: Irene D’Onghia, for the illustrated story “Siamo a casa, Paul”; Anita Elsa Carosi, for the narrative text “My Story”; Flavia Nastro, for the comic “La natura digitale”.

Winners receive a cash prize presented by Bper Banca and a handcrafted wooden stylus made by Sygla; They will also participate in the collective writing for the Herbarium of the City of the Future, a how-to book created by the Cultural Transformation Society Riverrun hub, and in the 42nd Degree Festival workshop, Sustainable Ideas, organized by the Vecchie Segherie Mastrototaro Bookstore in Pisigli.

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