Stop Trouble on WhatsApp | All it takes is one click and you don’t even have to open the app

Stop Trouble on WhatsApp |  All it takes is one click and you don’t even have to open the app

Now the time has run out for harassment and spam on WhatsApp: you only need one click and you don’t even have to open the app!

in the last period The WhatsApp It makes great strides to try to compete with the competition that is becoming increasingly fierce: Telegram is increasingly climbing up the hierarchy of the messaging app thanks to its revolutionary features, but the Zuckerberg app is always trying to provide substantial news to try to improve the fate of its app, which has now become a habit of millions of users around the world.

In the last period, there have been many updates that the META group is making or trying to make to improve the quality of WhatsApp and many of them have already arrived on all devices in the first weeks of this year. For example, the arrival of avatars has driven many users crazy and soon other innovations could decide the triumph of the green-colored app once again over the historical competition available on the Play Store and the App Store.

Spam problem

With the slow and gradual transformation of WhatsApp from a simple messaging application into a real social network with many communities and groups, unfortunately, there is a risk of receiving spam messages in your private chat from people you do not know whose number is saved in our address book or worse. This is done by bots that send us links that can cause viruses and malfunctions in our devices.

It would be nice to avoid all this and prevent scams or spam, but unfortunately for now the only thing left for us is Block these connections To make sure they no longer type on our phone number. If it is just one or two messages, maybe blocking them is not a big problem, but when the situation gets out of control and we get too many private messages, in this case blocking them one by one becomes almost impossible: with the new upcoming update, however We shouldn’t be more afraid of cavities!

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No hassle: from now on it’s just a click away

Mark Zuckerberg and the entire META group, according to the latest rumors from beta tests on WhatsApp news and updates, are actually thinking of a way to greatly speed up the process of blocking unwanted contacts. Kind of “fast blockWhich will allow users to quickly delete spam and block contacts you sent them without even opening the app.

According to the latest details that have emerged from the tests, in fact, it seems that this new function will allow all users Block contacts directly from notifications! A real revolution that will help everyone get rid of these unwanted contacts without even reading the messages they sent us or at worst the photos and videos that we never want to see in our lives. We do not know when this news will arrive on all devices, but it will certainly be in one of the next WhatsApp updates!

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