Science has sounded another wake-up call

Science has sounded another wake-up call

Another blow to our health: apparently, raw meat and sausage contain a dangerous substance!

We should pay great attention to what we eat and try to inform it as much as possible. It would seem, in fact, even what we love can be fatal.

Today’s information – the danger of sausages and deli meats

We can say that most people in Italy continue to eat meat. Of course, there are vegetarians and vegans, but they are a small percentage of the population. Having said that, many are crazy about raw meat that is already packaged and ready to eat, that is, cold cuts. But the same goes for sausages, a type of meat that is the queen of all outings and barbecues with friends or family.

In general, we know how much Too much red meat is bad for youAnd, in fact, it is always recommended to eat less during the week. exactly the contrary, The ideal is to eat as much fish as possible And a little white meat wouldn’t hurt either. but it seems, Deli meats and sausages contain an ingredient that makes them more dangerous to our health. Although red meat is often associated with cancer, new research has shed light on another issue.

In short, this type of food should never be underestimated, because abuse can lead to more problems. Let’s stay on the culinary side, though, before we proceed to describe the news. In particular, we want to point out the best coffee machines of 2023. Or, no one knows, but garlic is the first ally of plants in our gardens and vegetable gardens. However, we can move on.

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Sausages and deli meats, an important study reveals the other side of food danger

Without going too far, we can say that Both deli meats and sausages contain preservatives that can cause type 2 diabetes. In particular, we are talking about some extensions known as nitrite leading to such a situation.

This, in a very brief way, is what emerged from a study published in the journal Plus Medicines. We refer to a weekly medical journal that deals, in fact, with everything related to medical science.

To learn more about nitrites, we know that they are used in the food industry because they allow food to be preserved for a longer period. In fact, to better understand what we are talking about, when we buy sausages or cold cuts, and they seem colorful and tasty to us, it is precisely because of the nitrites!

It seems strange, but apparently The pinker and tastier the food, the more nitrites it contains. Therefore, it is wrong to consider these two characteristics as synonymous with meat quality.

What does the scientific research that has been done say

The study published in the aforementioned journal originated in 2009 and thus took several years. The group of researchers took beauty into account 104,168 data of persons over fourteen years of age. Also, to be more precise, the study was conducted in France.

All those who were part of the group to be studied automatically decided to be the protagonists of such an investigation. Therefore, not only were they forced, but they also provided important information about their experience. So, let’s talk about the lifestyle that was followed, the diet that was followed, and other important aspects of their daily lives.

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According to the study, it was found that some of them may be more likely to develop type 2 diabetes due to the presence of nitrites.

The information in the article is for informational purposes only and relates to scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it is not a substitute for medical or professional advice, and should not be taken into account when formulating treatment or diagnosis.

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