«Stop it or not subscribe» – Corriere.it

«Stop it or not subscribe» – Corriere.it
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After complaints from former domestic workers, including a Filipina maid who was forced to participate in ballet on Tiktok, the Internet has asked for the “Mucho Mas” series dedicated to the life of the influential Polish businessman to be stopped. The popular hashtag #vacchiout

Stop Gianluca Vacci, at least on Amazon Prime. After complaints were submitted by former domestic workers – In all three, so far – The Polish businessman, the storm begins on social networks Asking Amazon to pull upcoming documentaries dedicated toAn influencer with nearly 50 million followers.

The hashtag #VacchiOut has actually been vacated on social media with promises of boycott and “threatened” to cancel subscriptions due “Macho Mas”Documentary series about troubled life di Vacchi scheduled for May 25 It is available in more than 240 countries. ‘Through the exploiters’, ‘Let’s look at history documentaries’, ‘We don’t need those who consider their employees to be slaves’ are some comments on the homepage. Yet the most terrifying slogan is: “Via Vacchi or Via Subscription”.

Users reaction follows complaints by some local collaborators of the influencer. Who spoke of exploitation, hard spells without rest, harassment, insults. Not to mention the gods Ballet, one of Vacchi’s entrepreneurial assetsin the center of the complaint, in particular, of a former Filipina maid, 44-year-old Laluna Maricris Pantogonwho said she was also abused for not keeping up with time in the movies. He complained of very tiring work shifts: but “there was a shutdown and I had to work.”

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Other home collaborators said that Vaci’s anger also came when they forgot something like glasses or testosterone bites (read what they are for). still: Throwing things at employees, insults, fines From a hundred euros if one puts his glasses in the wrong place

In the proceedings there is also an audio clip in which Fachi himselfin colorful ways, complains about his assistants who, according to him, are not always so effective, that he threatens to pay a fine of “100 euros” for each forgetfulness. But in Vacchi’s house, there are those who claim that it is not so bad.

So much so that in a file Videos Other employees of the colossal service staff swear that Mr. Vache is so generous. “Our lives do not pass between disappointment, humiliation, and a drawn cup. Nobody forces us to do TikTok, to wear an apron: we work for a beautiful family. And the doctor, when he raises his voice, humbles himself to apologise. Eight collaborators said in a video, including, in the front row, Laura Ciazzo, 40 years old, works in the Laundromat Casa Vaci in Bologna, 2200 sq.m., paddle court, disco, safari tents for guests with real desert sand.

In the video, Siazzu is the first on the left, the spokesperson, and the fiercest: «We put our face in it without the knowledge of the doctor, because there are those who wrote that we have Stockholm syndrome, this is not true. I am 40 years old and this is the first place they have hired me for an indefinite period. I have never seen bottles and things fly, and I have never received a fine for piercing my socks.” Be that as it may, the wave of discontent on the Web is attacking «Mucho Mas».

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May 30, 2022 (change on May 30, 2022 | 10:30am)

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