The manager of the lido writes a sign to indicate the bathrooms, but something goes wrong

The manager of the lido writes a sign to indicate the bathrooms, but something goes wrong

The beach, a hilarious sign indicating the bathrooms appears: here’s what’s wrong with the writing left by the beach manager

When it comes to enjoying a day at the beach, the amenities and amenities can make all the difference in the overall experience. One of the most important services offered by lidos and beaches in many places is toilets. The coast is usually well signposted, providing a cost effective solution to visitor needs. Having toilets is a feature much appreciated by bathers, providing a place to change into one’s swimwear, freshen up, or attend to one’s needs when necessary. Beach toilet facilities vary from place to place.

Some beaches may have very simple toilets with basic services, while others may offer larger, more comfortable bathrooms with spaces for changing clothes, showers, and sinks. Cleaning and maintaining these facilities is important to ensure that visitors enjoy a healthy and enjoyable environment during their stay on the beach. Access to beach toilets is usually free, but in some locations a small fee may be required to cover maintenance costs. It is always advisable to have some local currency on hand in case you need to pay for using the services.

Bathrooms on the beach are often marked with clearly visible signs or symbols indicating their location. They’re particularly useful, especially when you’ve arrived at an unfamiliar beach and want to know where to find services. Sometimes really funny signs come across: here’s an example.

Beach, a comical sign indicating the bathroom appears: here’s what it reads

In short, swimming at the beach is a precious amenity that contributes to making the seaside experience more enjoyable and relaxing. Clear and visual indications of these services help visitors to find them easily, and provide a place where they can relax and fully enjoy the beauty of the beaches without worry. Sometimes it is a bit ironic to point out where the toilets are.

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Source: Instagram @ cristiano.militello

Such is the case of the banner posted by the comedian, actor, showman and radio TV personality Cristiano Militello (@cristiano.militello on Instagram). It’s just that, on his irreverent profile, a few days ago he posted a picture of a sign indicating a toilet. However, something went wrong because the term, instead of being written in French, was Italianized (our language, as we know, is pronounced exactly as it is written). So, the end result is really funny because it turns out to be: “rolled”. And you? Would you go to such a bath? Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover. Possibly the cleanest toilet ever!

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