Bad news on the horizon, angry people in front of the merchants

Bad news on the horizon, angry people in front of the merchants

The race for rewards for green cars and low-emission motorcycles has begun. The start of the race for incentives for low-emissions cars and motorcycles saw funds for cars cut by more than half, while those for non-electric motorcycles have already been completed.

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Here’s what happens in The first day of operating the platform Created for Eco Rewards bookings.

Incentives: Race for car and motorbike rewards on the first day of booking

Here is a summary of what happened on the first day of the start A platform created by MISE to Reserve green cars and motorcycles by ecobonus.

First, funds for the purchase of low-emissions diesel and gasoline cars (between 61 and 135 g / km) fell by more than half. The 170 million euros allocated immediately fell to around 70 million.

about the Classic motorcycles (non-electric)The allocated ten million has already been exhausted.

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Incentives started May 16th: Merchants uploaded all orders received as well as contracts that have remained flat in recent months.

Great Demand for Lesser Known Low Emission Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Given the “click-day” results, it is feared that, for low-emissions cars, we will run out of money very soon.

Request 100% electric and plug-in hybrid It was decidedly less: of the 220 million allocated, 195 million euros remained for pure electric cars, while for hybrid cars, from 225 million at the beginning, 207 remained.

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Electricity incentive is 3000€ (in case of no scrap) and 5000€ with scrap; For hybrids, it goes from 2000 without scrapping to 4000 with scrapping.

for two wheels electrical Same thing: they are less popular.

People especially demand low-emission vehicles and traditional motorcycles.

Car Incentives
Car Incentives Bad News – MotoriNews

Why are electric and hybrid cars less popular?

People need to be reassured In fact The possibility of using cars Electricity through relay stations Shippingclearer Gian Primo Quagliano, who heads the Promotor Study Center.

At the moment, regular customers focus on more traditional cars and engines that guarantee trips even for long distances.

General Manager of Nasal Gianmarco Giorda Note: among the recipients of the bonus, it was necessary to include companies that rent hybrid and electric cars.

It must also be taken into account times: For the bonus to be valid, registration must be completed within 180 days. Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti can extend this deadline.

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