May 31, 2023

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“But who believes that?” Background – Libero Quotidiano

News of the guests skipped Pamela Brati On various TV broadcasts as reported by several media outlets in recent days who posted a draft on their Instagram page People That wouldn’t be right. According to the former competitor’s source VIP Big Brother, In fact, it could have been Bratty who declined the invitation to participate in very right after remarks Silvia Tovanen During the interview with Oretta Berti. In short, the showgirl wasI got angry and refused the invitation“.

Presenter very right asked the singer – also hung up – on Gf vip who has often clashed with Pamela Prati several times. In fact, Oretta Berti was not harsh with her during the interview, on the contrary, she made it clear that she was not angry with her and because of her personal story she was close to her with her heart but she could not. Believe it with her head. “But I don’t believe it either. But who believes it? But in your opinion, the story with Marc Caltagirone or the person who has Marco Bellavia? Because more or less…” Tovanin commented.

Words that made Brati into a rage, and thus he would have refused to be a guest at very right. Also because on November 26, during the interview with Marco Bellavia He shot a second dig at Showgirl.

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