Ladies’ Paradise 6 December 17, 2021: Episode

Preview of Ladies’ Paradise 6 December 17, 2021

Ladies’ Paradise 6 On December 17, 2021 go on air on rai 1 Shown for the first time in 15:55. with this episode A block of episodes ranging from 66 to 70 from the sixth season. Bets are also available in Ray Play, in running in diretta o on request.

Here are previews Ladies’ Paradise 6 From December 17, 2021!

Alessandro Tersigni (Vittorio Conte) in a scene from episode 58 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 70 Plot

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Gemma They set up a Christmas Grotto with her Baba as a little girl. Now her father is gone and memory can hurt her. However, there is also a way to transport our loved ones to memory with kindness and sweetness. Young Zannata finds a surprise in her wardrobe. Thanks to that, she came back to her mind when she made her bed with her dad. I Remember that no one will take them.

Umberto have received correct information: vegan He will spend Christmas holidays in America. The designer leaves. However, he does not intend to leave Milan without saying goodbye Venere. She has a special talent for each of them.

Armando He can’t keep to himself what he’s discovered Nino. He thinks it’s right Don Saverio Be aware of it. Zakka is going through a moment of crisis. Secondly Irene Dora He should take advantage of it: For Cipriani, this is the perfect time to come back and move on with him.

Anna and Salvator They approached slowly. Impriani found a way to tell the waiter that she was a widow and a mother. what Salvatore He still doesn’t know it Irene not a daughter FifthImpriani’s deceased husband. child’s father Massimo Riva, who – at the time – was really bad with I. The young woman fears that Salvatore will react badly to this news. He does not have the courage to declare it to him. So he makes a painful and unexpected decision.

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