April 2, 2023

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Spending more than 10 billion euros

In the past 11 months, the state has guaranteed discounts on fuel. It is estimated that to date, the expenditures incurred to deal with this have amounted to around 10 billion euros. This amount shows how important it is to give the discount. Let’s learn more together in the following article.

The state, at the time of the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, immediately secured support for special deductions for assistance companies and families. The measures are intended to temporarily reduce Excise duty and value added tax on petrol and dieseltax credits intended for road transport, agriculture, and fishing to counter price increases, as well as purchase bonuses Subscribing to public transportation services.

But how much do I spend overall on both bills and fuel?

State aid: How much does that energy cost?


To be particularly expensive were State aid for higher bills for families and businesses. In detail, the heaviest component is the one that aims to reduce the semi-tax items in the electricity and gas bill. For the abolition of fees in all quarters of 2022, the allocated expenditure was 9 billion euros.

But as far as companies are concerned, they have come from the government $17 billion in aid Through tax credits to partially compensate for the high costs of electricity and gas.

State Aid: How Much Expensive Fuel Cost?


Now let’s see in detail How expensive fuel costs the Italian state. It is known as the beginning of the month of March system Production fee discounts of about 30.5 cents per liter for diesel and petrol. In this way, the price per liter appears to be normal, rather than skyrocketing.

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However, supporting this spending is a colossal effort for the state treasury, which has spent six billion euros on this alone through October 2022. The bulk of that amount went contain value added taxestimated at 4.5 billion euros.