The service center's six co-working spaces are currently being constructed

The Department of Economic Promotion and Employment has enabled the co-working space to facilitate entrepreneurship and support the first steps of companies in the city and independent professionals in the municipality.

The new space is located in the service centre, in the Pla de la Bruguera industrial area, and consists of six workplaces. “It is equipped with a chair, a desk and a chest of drawers, with access to a car park, an Internet connection and a mailbox,” explains economic promotion and employment consultant Rubén Peñalver. Peñalver points out that the space is specially designed for “independents and small businesses that do not need large facilities,” adding that as an incentive, “all those who give themselves a three-month tax break will receive ‘registration through our Entrepreneurship Department’.”

There is also the option of business direct debit, technical advice and access to the full service center infrastructure. There are different types of leases, which can range from 2 to 5 years.

The aim is for this new space to revitalize the service center as a place to do business, thus providing a more competitive ecosystem. “The good thing is that synergy can be achieved between all the people working together,” says the member of the Economic Promotion and Employment Council.

People interested in requesting more information about the new co-working space can contact [email protected].

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