The mini house comes assembled in an hour

The mini house comes assembled in an hour

The goal set by Vika One, the new micro-home, is to improve the spaces and make them more functional and sustainable. Compact in form and price, it has everything needed to make your living experience perfect, but above all, it allows you to move wherever you want thanks to its versatility.

Photo by Vika Living

After the pandemic hit the whole world, more and more people have rediscovered A pleasure to live at home In particular, The practical application of work in smart work. Actually, this allows you To match the desire and willingness to travel for workwithout having to give up anything.

The desire to live in remote, mysterious and modern places Find new adventures it is possible, without having to give up comfort. It actually comes from the United States Vika OneVika Living project. It is located at about a Prefabricated small house What could it be mounted anywhere Which allows you to create a home where it wasn’t previously expected or even just add work space to our property.

The peculiarity of this project lies, in fact, in the possession Various useful items for daily life Just 14 m2 area. It can be Expandable with various accessories Which makes it completely self-sufficient, both from an electrical point of view and beyond.

Vika One: Small but functional

Vika One: Here comes the tiny house that can be assembled in an hour
Photo by Vika Living

with More than 2 meters highAnd Vika One lets you inside Everything you need to live free from clutter It is frenzy. It is actually a Space improvement gem. Where there is also a small balcony of about 4 meters.

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Building Made entirely of insulated panels And it has it inside necessary services. Here we find a small one Kitchen with refrigerator and sinkthe treasury To store our belongings and Bathroom with toilet and shower. To make it more effective, there is no shortage climate system hot and cold, Bed, water, power and waste systems.

As a whole The roof consists of floor-to-ceiling windowsto make it bright enough. For privacy, the house is already equipped suitable tents.

Then he chooses Add other services It’s possible Making the home truly self-contained. We can actually step up Solar panels, batteries and water pumps Which makes the structure a sustainable gem from an energy and water point of view.

place of its installation

Vika One: Here comes the tiny house that can be assembled in an hour
Photo by Vika Living

The greatest peculiarity of this tiny home lies in the ability to make a decision Install it anywhere want, collude with Ease of assembly. This, in fact, being fully prepared, It does not need a foundation It assembles within an hour at any location you choose.

So we can decide to move to a far place to satisfy our craving for adventure, or add one New study area in our gardento get a separate place from Decorate according to our tastes And our needs and in them we focus entirely on ourselves.

Vika One has a file The price starts at 42,000 euros for the basic version. To add the services that make it self sufficient and the price is really sustainable increases of 15,000 euros.

offline structure Only available in Americaspecifically in the United States, and The first shipments are expected in 2023.

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