State investments implemented in 2022 in Catalonia amounted to only 10% of the total

State investments implemented in 2022 in Catalonia amounted to only 10% of the total

Revealing the secret: The country ended 2022 with a level of implementation of its investments of 42.9% in Catalonia, which is an improvement compared to the previous year (35.8%), but it represents only 10% of this regional variable, far from the economic weight (19%) and the population (16%). of society and very close to the average for the period 2015-2021 (10.7%).

The missing data for this year, after the first half at 16%, was supposed to be published in May last year and has not yet been released. In fact, those for the first semester of 2023 were previously known to have an implementation rate of 16% and were supposed to be published last September. Those corresponding to the second semester of 2022 remained confidential.

Far from 73.2% overall

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce has had access to this information presented by the Intervention General de la State (IGAE) before the Chamber of Deputies, but not yet made public, and it shows that the degree of implementation of state investments in Catalonia is very low. Far from 73.2% of the autonomous regions as a whole.

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To contribute a positive part, the study carried out by the body headed by Josep Santacro highlights that the executions carried out in 2022, with a total amount of 947 million euros, exceed by 28% compared to 2021 and are “the second highest figure since the IGAE”. This information began to be published in 2015.” The Chamber’s urgent analysis highlights that the level of implementation means that Catalonia “returns to being one of the societies where compliance with budgets is lowest.” 42.9% is the second lowest state execution rate in Catalonia Since 2015, after the minimum of 35.8% achieved in 2021. They emphasized that “Catalonia has once again become, for the second year in a row, the autonomous region with the lowest degree of implementation in 2022.”

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The average regional implementation rate in Catalonia in the period 2015-2022 was 57.4%, “a figure well below the average for the state as a whole (71%). The analysis highlights that comparisons with the Community of Madrid cannot be made because it does not have an amount Toll rescue that should be deducted from the investment figure made, as happened with the 1069.9 million toll highway rescue in Catalonia in 2022.

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