Friuli Venezia Giulia and USA, Fedriga meets Joe Biden. “Area of ​​Honor”

Friuli Venezia Giulia and USA, Fedriga meets Joe Biden.  “Area of ​​Honor”

16.10.2023 – 07.01 – It was perhaps the culmination of the journey of the ruler of the Friuli region, Venezia Giulia Massimiliano Fedriga: Meeting with the President of the United States Joe Biden Personally, with the formalization of Friuli Venezia Giulia any Area of ​​Honor 2024 By National Italian American Foundation (Nayef). New details will arrive soon about the ramifications of this for FVG in 2024, known as the “Zone of Honor”. In fact, every year Niaf collaborates with a region in Italy to promote its culture and investment opportunities in our country. The 2023 Region of Honor for the Association of Italian Americans was Emilia-Romagna, represented at the event by its president Stefano Bonacini.
Fedriga stressed how this result was achieved thanks to the commitment of the regional administration to strengthen Friuli Venezia Giulia also through
Participation in international meetings and missions. One of the most important things in terms of promotion and attracting investments is the presence of advertising Expo Dubai In February 2022 and to the United States, on a double mission in July and October of last year
In addition to participating in major international exhibitions.

Foreign direct investments in Friuli Venezia Giulia have increased significantly in recent years. From 2020 to 2022 it grew by 130% the number of file Of potential
Tracking foreign investments in the region Employment and business development agencyThe regional body responsible for attracting investments.

“It is an important result – Fedriga noted – also taking into account the fact that foreign direct investments, leading to increased productivity and added value, can represent potential for economic growth and employment.
As well as the driving force for the social development of the region.”

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to’NIAF annual event Which celebrates Italy’s rich culture and brings together business, political and cultural leaders, celebrating nearly fifty years of the foundation’s work and Italian American successes since its inception in 1975. Notable honorees at this year’s ceremony include, among others, Jerry Cardinale – founder of RidBird and No. 1 In Milan – President and CEO of Formula 1 Stefano Domenicali and Veronica Berti Bocelli, CEO of Almud Music Editions for activities carried out as Vice President of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

Meanwhile, the president’s trip continued in recent days Massimiliano Fedriga in the United States of America. The governor had already met her at the White House the first lady from the United States Jill Biden Who emphasized on this occasion the strong relationship between the United States and Italy. Not surprising words, considering howItalian American Heritage Month. Fedriga then delivered a speech on the occasion of the opening of the organization’s second annual meeting Transatlantic Investment Committee. It’s about a platform The planning and networking project was born two years ago, specifically within the framework of Choose Italy In the Old Port of Trieste, to develop and increase relations in the context of joint strategic investments with the ultimate goal of increasing competitiveness, strategic independence and strengthening trade relations between the USA and Italy.
Federiga declared that:Strategic alliances Which we believe is indispensable and in which we must invest heavily. To be sure, in a world characterized by sudden geopolitical changes, Our position in the West is built on democratic and liberal values“.

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The potential exchange between FVG and the USA, between Julian and Friulian companies and their American counterparts, is being determined. “We are implementing a communication system between the main national and regional players in attracting investments and each region focuses on its specific characteristics to benefit from increased attractiveness.”

Fedriga noted that FVG represents 2% of the country’s population, while at the same time representing 6% Subordinate Foreign direct investments Total in Italy. It is now aimed at expanding further, realizing that FVG is a reliable launching pad towards Central Europe and the Balkans.
He also met Fedriga Jasjeet Singh, CEO to Select usage – The operational arm of the Federal Government in the State Department of Commerce responsible for encouraging and facilitating business investments in the United States – and the heads of the most important Italian state companies already present in the United States of America. Cooperation and mutual investments were also discussed during the meeting between Fedriga and the Ambassador
Italian in the United States of America Mariangela Zappia.


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