Starfield was supposed to be more complex and powerful, according to data in the game files

Starfield was supposed to be more complex and powerful, according to data in the game files

File mining Starfielda player named redsaltyborger, found that the game was initially supposed to be much more than that complicated And Hardcore Than it is. In particular, many of the space travel mechanics could have been cut before launch, perhaps so as not to make the experience too harsh for players.

Rediscovered map

To highlight how they should have worked Trips In Starfield, it was the discovery of a map of star systems, later removed from the game, that clearly demonstrated how obstacles to movement between systems were anticipated. In particular, there are references to fuel consumption and the risks that must be faced.

The map refers to Leviathan 4, describing it as a mineral-rich system used by pirates to hide their origins. Leviathan IV is also said to be particularly dangerous due to solar radiation and micrometeorites, two threats that could affect travel in the system. In reality Fuel bar He also remained in the final version of Starfield, but he has a completely different function, softer, so to speak, and the player is not required to act directly to fuel his spaceship.

Of course, it's natural for some mechanical It's cut into the development phase and game systems are tweaked where necessary, especially when subjected to direct testing with players, so it's not surprising to learn that the same could have happened to Starfield as well, throughout its seven years of intense quality work. Having more stakes might have made space travel more interesting, but it would have slowed down the game excessively, which has reached gigantic proportions in terms of systems and planets that can be visited.

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For the rest, we remind you that Starfield is available for PC and Xbox Series and, despite criticism and controversy, it is one of the games with the highest revenues on Steam in 2023.

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