Juric was right, the referee was wrong

Juric was right, the referee was wrong

Very fussy about the rules, not inclined to dialogue and with an easy card, referee Giwa – appointed by Rocci for the Genoa-Torino match – is still searching for a replacement. Final size After initially getting my hopes up. You've been refereeing a few big matches so far, but how was your performance yesterday at Marassi?

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Giwa's history with the two teams

This was the fifth time a Sardinian referee had officiated a match in Torino: in the previous four matches, the Granata's record was one win and three defeats. Last precedent with Salernitana (Juric won 3-0). Sixth time instead with Grifone: In the previous five, The scale reads 2 wins and 3 defeats.

Giwa warned 5 players

With the help of assistants Raspolini and Barone, with Feliciani's fourth man, La between us al var And Valery in Avar, warned the referee Sync Players: 16' Vlasic (D), 44' De Winter (D), 76' Malinowski (D), 80' Martin (D), 81' Bongiorno (D).

Genoa-Turin, doubtful cases

These are the main cases of slow motion. In the 12th minute, a warning whistle was sounded for a free kick in the middle of the field due to a foul by Djidji on Reteje: protest. Juric Who is being warned? The coach has the right to be angry: the Rossoblu stumbles over the ball, and there is nothing wrong. In the 16th minute, Vlasic received a yellow card: the Croatian came late on Messias. The other four detective stories were also corrected. Overall, Giwa's performance in Genoa-Torino was adequate.

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