Prehistoric times, the discovery of an unknown race of humans with a disturbing skeleton, they do not have chins

Prehistoric times, the discovery of an unknown race of humans with a disturbing skeleton, they do not have chins
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A human species that lived more than 300,000 years ago? The discovery and studies of the skeleton lead to the creation of new hypotheses about the development of human evolution

As far as we were taught in school, man has always been of one kind, or rather, differed in semantics and skin color, but the human body has always been ‘unique’, and has varied over time in some features, documented by the discovery of fossils.

Neanderthal comes from monkey, Little by little he began to change his position and from the previous four legs he developed two legs, then he reached the final leg upright position. Scientists now believe instead that they have identified a new human species after its discovery old skull that belonged to a child who lived 300,000 years ago.

It may be the research that will change the history books, but before we get to that point, there are still many studies that need to be done. The fossilized remains, which included jaw, skull and leg bones, were discovered in Hualongdong, China, in 2019 and appear to show a skull without a chin. Experts have taken a special interest in this fossil ever since There seem to be fundamental differences that would point to another type of human being, not previously discovered and analyzedto.

The skeletal characteristics found indicate an anomaly or evidence that would lead to a change in human history

What shocked the experts was that the individual’s facial features did not match the lineage that split to form Neanderthals, Denisovans, or us, which led them to suspect that there was a difference in the human family tree. The limbs, skull cap, and jaw—probably that of a boy of about 12 or 13—seem to “express more primitive features”.

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But some characteristics instead brought him closer to modern humans, As if there was a difference during development that was never taken into account.

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What could the discovery of this skull mean: should human history add another piece?

This means that it was the lineage of Homo erectus that gave rise to today’s Homo sapiens, the lineage of Denisovans, and that third link in the Asian hominin family tree that was evolutionarily close to us. Before we can talk about an effective human species that differs from the evolution we have known so far, it is important to deepen studies on the remains to better understand their location.

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