He sues for damage to the picture, the finale is surreal

He sues for damage to the picture, the finale is surreal

Ferrari is a company of an extraordinary level, but it is not always particularly lenient with customers.

Ferrari is simply an exceptional company. Over its past, the riding horse has managed to achieve goals that are practically unattainable for most businesses. A brand that has established itself as an innovator both in motorsport and within the automotive market.

Ferrari (mondofuoristrada.it)

However, not everything about Maranello is always rosy. To belive it, we believe that a piece of news that was really capable of surprising anyone. The protagonist is a collector who had the desire to acquire a limited edition Ferrari. The subject, who was soon seen slamming the door in his face by the same Italian company.

How did it all end? The result was in some ways unexpected and not at all obvious. Let’s find out more about it and what really happened.

Ferrari what happened? The story is amazing

The character in this story is well known in the American four wheeler scene. Let’s talk about Preston Henn Collector. The latter, in 2016, sued the Italian company, because according to him He denied buying a LaFerrari Aperta limited edition. A type of compound that not everyone can buy because it’s not “normal production red”. It is actually part of a very small circle of vehicles and is intended for very few people.

However, when Henn placed an order, he was told that all of the forms had already been customized and that his order had not reached Runaway Horse in time. The story did not end there, as the collector did not give up and sent a check for a million dollars directly to Sergio Marchionne, then president of Ferrari. Seeing that this was not enough, the businessman got his lawyer involved and he did I decided to sue Ferrari itself in order to damage the image and “damaged reputation”.

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Operation Ferrari LaFerrari
Ferrari, trial with a collector: details (mondofuoristrada.it)

A Florida court initiated the process, but after a few months Henn himself decided to drop it, given that the case in question required a large outlay of money. Not to mention that his lawyers warned him that the hopes of winning this trial were virtually nil. Preston Henn died a few months after the indictment was dismissed He is 86 years old, and he winds up a strange story that in any case he would not have experienced firsthand so tragically.

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