St. Vicente's will have one of 28 primary school teams to combat childhood obesity.

St. Vicente's will have one of 28 primary school teams to combat childhood obesity.

St. Vicente's will have one of 28 primary school teams to combat childhood obesity.Ministry of Health

Saint Vincent de Castelet He was One of the selected municipalitiesIn which The Ministry of Health will publish a program to combat childhood obesity. In total, it will do this for 28 primary and community care teams across Catalonia, which also includes Chapelswhich were chosen because they had a higher prevalence of overweight than the rest.

The plan, one of which has already been drawn up Pilot testing in the Mina area Barcelona, ​​will particularly focus on lFood, physical activity, emotional support, sleep, positive parenting and community involvement. Previously, training will be provided to participating professionals with support fromPublic Health Agency of Catalonia. We will also work in coordination with local and community organizations in the area to identify community resources and assets, implement a joint community intervention and promote health from the environment, among other things by promoting physical activity in community settings.

In the presentation of the plan, which took place a few days ago in Cap Besos, Minister of Health, Manel BalcellsHe stressed that at the moment “we have 12.6% of children suffer from obesity“We are talking about certain standards of body mass, and we are not talking about aesthetic issues, but about healthy habits in children,” he added, adding, “The data tells us that they consume sugary drinks, spend time in front of screens, and do little physical activity.” This situation is an epidemic. “Confirmed in society as a whole in Europe and will cause preventable cardiovascular disease.”

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The plenary will consider respectful and non-stigmatizing interventions that will be implemented from pre-conception to adolescence, and will focus on both the child and their family, with individual and group consultations for those children and families who need it, and in the long term. Ongoing support.

The consultant stresses that the approach to dealing with childhood obesity “must be comprehensive, community-based and have a perspective of addressing healthy habits and increasing the level of physical activity. We have a pilot in La Mina and now the program will initially be rolled out to 28 primary care teams in Catalonia.” Balcells stresses: It is “not a theoretical proposal but a concrete proposal and the idea is that it spreads like an oil slick with a community strategy to make the plan effective in the primary and community care of the country in the coming months.” It requires the participation and awareness of the family and society in general, and it is a national strategy to prevent all the most common diseases.”

from her side, Public Health Minister Carmen Cabezas“Childhood obesity is a very important public health problem internationally and in Catalonia,” he points out, and in this sense, he emphasizes that “it causes type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and osteoporosis, among others. “It also causes a lack of social acceptance and stigma, which can lead to low self-esteem and depression.”

Regarding effective strategies to prevent and treat childhood obesity, “they depend on multiple factors,” and he stresses that they “must take into account individual and environmental aspects, and must work on food, physical activity, a sedentary lifestyle, and working hours.” Sleep and emotional support, and the focus must be on the child and his family, following a respectful and non-stigmatizing motivational approach, with intensive strategies and continuous long-term support.”

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