Missing points and scenarios

Missing points and scenarios

Juventus, what is needed for the Champions League

However, it is not certain that what Juventus achieved at the end of December, with the decisive influence of Adrien Rabiot, can also be repeated on Sunday: then Juventus They were very quick in the championship run, and now they are averaging one point per game collected in their last 13 games. If the first match ball fails, the Juventus – Who remained alone in third place because Udinese The score was 1-1 blocked Bologna However, he will have other arrows at his disposal to reach the major continental competition.

It is enough for him to score six points, which is equivalent to two victories, and with 71 points he will be in second place. Champions Why Rome H Atalanta (As Bergamo players continue to face the challenge Fiorentina To heal, perhaps at the end of the tournament) they have a direct confrontation on the 36th, and therefore both were unable to complete the obvious path: one of them (but it will also be necessary to consider the path Bologna, (who will host Juventus in the penultimate round) will finish sixth and therefore outside the top five Champions Conquered from Italy For next season.
Salernitana H Monza At home they seem to be the most expensive matches to collect points. In this case, Juventus However, he will have to wait until the final day to be able to celebrate the desired goal.

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