With a cold mind – Juventus under Allegri is this, like it or not

With a cold mind – Juventus under Allegri is this, like it or not

The debate remains alive and always focuses on the same theme: Juventus under Allegri is devoid of aesthetics and overly conservative. So much for second place (-2 from leaders Inter), the result being 8 wins, 2 draws and only one defeat. In ten matches, he kept eight clean sheets, six of them in a row. The numbers are in favor of the Livorno coach. The team prides itself on its solid defence, conceding the least six goals in the tournament, alongside the league leaders. But be careful if he talks about the Scudetto with the Juventus coach. The phrase is always the same: “Inter, Milan and Napoli are ahead of us in building the project. We should not get excited.” Communication strategy or pure realism. maybe. In any case, part of the Juventus people have now entered into a kind of anti-Max cycle, to the point where they no longer even rejoice in victories. It sounds silly, but it’s true.

Allegri’s footballing philosophy is well known and can be summed up with the classic phrase ‘don’t take them first’. This was so even during the Golden Five years, despite having a team at his disposal that was objectively stronger than the current one. Do you like it or not. In fact, this year something different was seen in some matches: a higher center of gravity and aggression when you don’t have the ball, in order to spend more time in the opponent’s half. Then Allegri seems to have reverted to the old ways, also thanks to the unavailability of players like him Bean and Pogba, are the only midfielders in the team who are imaginative and therefore able to invent something different compared to an often predictable game. That’s why the January transfer window will be important. Giuntoli He should be good at signing a player with certain characteristics. If two arrived, it would be better.

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