130 years of the morning: live broadcast of today’s event from the Royal Palace of Naples

130 years of the morning: live broadcast of today’s event from the Royal Palace of Naples

The story continues: Il Mattino is 130 years old and celebrates with a long event in the Royal Palace of Naples, an opportunity to reflect on unresolved topical issues that refer to the history of the newspaper and the Territory and invite representatives of institutions, business, civil society and intellectuals.

Politics: Italy reunion

Matteo Salvini: “North and South are still far away”

“Do students from Campania and Lombardy have the same opportunities today? No, unfortunately just look at the state of the nursery schools. We must do everything we can to get closer. Pnrr can help but It’s not a magic wand. The school should have a common system from Belluno to Lampedusa, while preserving the peculiarities of each territory.”

Everyone’s goal today should be to reach a ceasefire because it affects the lives of all of us. This is the third month of the war, we are sending aid including weapons, but from now on the main weapon should be there Diplomacy“.

Vincenzo de Luca: “Heart of Southern Politics”

“There is still a huge disparity between students in the north and south and in health in the north and south. In the resource department there is still unbearable disparity. Campania is robbed of 220 million euros every year as part of the National Health Fund. But there is such a level of opportunism that everyone finds it more convenient to turn their heads in the opposite direction. We are fighting with the Ministry of Health.”

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“In the field of reform, a large political entity is needed, This is not a chicken coop. The proportional law is good, but with a high limit of 7%.”

“We have to change Southern Politics: We must make it clear that there is a mutual advantage in investing in the south. It is appropriate for the whole of Italy to close the gap in employment and infrastructure.”

Science: the challenges of knowledge

Elena Cattaneo: “Scientists, not charlatans”

The scientist participates in policy decisions by informing citizens and making available evidence that can be incorporated into the legislative network. The scientist studies for the country, it is the scholar who fills the public space, otherwise there is a danger that charlatans will fill it. Opinions about the flag are zero. The strength of science is that there is a way to understand how valid an assumption is.”

“In business, I think we should file a report every time we think we have been unfairly considered or stepped aside. So don’t stand in line, but develop knowledge considering there is no red carpet. Chances are even in the South.”

Francesca Esposito: ‘More women at the top’

“I see that the number of students enrolled in scientific colleges is much greater, and women occupy high positions, However, there is still a strong imbalance. And I think the lists of candidates encouraged that, too. I think the system has to be forced in the beginning so that it can reach a level playing field.”

“I advise boys and girls to pursue their own interests, regardless of the context of the birth.”

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“For the future of space exploration, we live in a golden age. We try to make the government feel how important it is to continue moon And how important it is for Italy to invest in space. Italy has some slowdown.”

Literature: a tale of the homeland

Dacia Marini: “The writer works by memory”

“The novel needs more time. Many wonder why there are no epidemiological novels, I think we will have it in a few years because the novel needs a different sensitivity. The writer works with memorynot innate but perfect, it must become body and thought and after that it becomes speech, and for this writer a long time.”

“Our country has two languages: the unwritten regional and the Italian language. The writers do not know the language of the professions, because there is no written copy of it, and for this reason they invented it and invented it. disparity“.

“The character knocks on the door, I open it and offer him coffee. If he also wants lunch and dinner, it means that it has lingered on my mind and there is a need to tell”

Maurizio Di Giovanni: “Read, imagine and say”

“If you read and are used to imagining, sooner or later you tell it, to yourself or to others. We now use the Second World War as a framework. We write about the past by inheritance and memory and so as not to make the same mistakes: it is a fundamental task of literature. Novels ask questions, not give answers, it’s up to the readers“.

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“Language and sound make the difference. This country travels at two different speeds, which is why the story of the country becomes complex and fragmented. It is strange for a Lombard reader to read about Calambria.”

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