June 6, 2023

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How do you imagine dogs playing? science answers

Our fur balls love to play, but have you ever wondered how our dogs imagine their toys? Science answers this question.

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Anyone who shares their life with a four-legged friend, at least once in their life, has watched their fur ball wonder how Fido saw the things in their heads.

For example, have you ever wondered How does your furry friend see his toys? Some researchers have reported that by understanding the senses our fore uses to look up their game when we ask them, we can understand. How do dogs imagine their toys?

How dogs see their toys: the study

Playing is one of the main activities in the life of a furball, in fact the game is very important for the latter. But have you ever wondered when you throw a ball or bone at your four-legged friend How does the latter imagine his game?

playing the dog
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Good! As some researchers from the University of Budapest wondered, who might assume that The look, smell and feel of the toy that Fido realizes when the toy is put in his mouth, It can affect how our furry friend imagines such an object.

For this reason, researchers have considered studying any of them The senses use the dog when he is looking for his toy, So let’s understand how Fido imagines it.

For the experiment, 3 dogs who learned the names of toys and 10 furry friends who did not know the names of toys were considered.

Both groups of dogs were trained to retrieve a toy that had been confused with other toys, and each time they brought in the toy, exactly positive toy reinforcement was used, and then they were rewarded and praised.

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Our furry friends were asked to hunt down this game, present amidst 4 other games, with light and dark. I was Measure the time the furballs took to find the gamewhether when they did it in the light or in the dark, and it turns out that in the dark room, the dogs took longer to find the right toy.

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dog playing ball
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as it was It also measures how often dogs smell, Either way, it turns out that our four-legged friends used their sense of smell more when they had to hunt for game in the dark.

By comparing different data, the researchers concluded that our four-legged friends, when playing with ball or any other game, tend to be Pay attention to the characteristics of the latterAnd they do this using the sense of sight and above all smell.

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Thanks to the use of these senses, our furballs are able to visualize the object, so they can bring it to us when asked.