Sports Judge in the Italian League: Fines for Napoli and Juventus. 16 Ineligible: From Juric to Vlahovic

Sports Judge in the Italian League: Fines for Napoli and Juventus.  16 Ineligible: From Juric to Vlahovic

Severe punishment for Ivan Yuricwhich he will have to pay Ban for two matches You will have to pay one A fine of 15 thousand euros to possess”Addressed to the opposing team's coach in seriously threatening terms“- This is what we read in the memorandum Sports judge. Torino coach He will not sit on the bench for the Napoli and Udinese matchesThey are both away. Also good for Napoli and Juventus Due to disturbances in the stands. The Bianconeri, who will also have to do without him Vlahovic vs AtalantaHe was disqualified after receiving a yellow card along with a player who already had a booking. But Gasperini won't have it He did not. It is also worth noting that Liao was excluded. However, there is no trace of Terracciano's alleged blasphemous statements.

Juric-Italian, what happened?

This is the full text published in the press release issued by the Italian League: “Warning disqualified for two days from the actual match (fifth penalty) and a fine of €15,000.00 for Yoric Ivan (Torino): “Warning (fifth penalty); Because also, in the 45th minute of the second half, he turned towards the “coach” of the opposing team with seriously threatening expressions; The violation was discovered by the fourth official.”. But what happened? The Italians protested after a foul by Milinkovic on Pellegri. A situation that did not please the Granata coach, who responded with an ugly intimidating gesture (“I'll cut your throat”). Both were booked, and after the match Juric reconciled with his teammate, and admitted his guilt: I was bad. “I exaggerated and was rightly fired.”. But apologies were not enough to avoid being punished. From Turin to Napoli, the match against Juventus also had consequences.

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