Juventus and Allegri: “Perin, Rugani and Alex Sandro are playing. Dybala is good” | News

Juventus and Allegri: “Perin, Rugani and Alex Sandro are playing. Dybala is good” |  News

1st or 2nd place in Champions? for every cheerful He is not essential: “Except for Liverpool, City and Bayern Munich, others still have to be seen. We need to be lucky in the draw. It is important that we get through the round, then let’s see who gets to us.” Against Malmo, the Juventus coach will make a change: “Perin, Rugani, Alex Sandro and Rabiot will play.” Dybala? “He’s going to play, he has to put minutes on his legs.”

Alegre Conference
In training
“Tomorrow Perin plays in goal, Rugani comes back and plays Alex Sandro and Rabiot. I hope to give Mattia de Chiglio minutes as well, and we’ll see the rest. Dybala is fine and will play, he needs to put minutes into his legs. We must also play well to prepare well for Saturday.”

Sue Arthur
“He’s fine and we’ll see tomorrow morning because I’m going to take out Kulusevsky and we’ll see if we can play with three midfielders.”

on the model
“4-2-3-1? We are more organized but that does not mean that we will play with this unit only. Tomorrow is difficult because we only have Bernardeschi as a winger.”

About the UEFA Champions League Candidates
“Liverpool, Bayern Munich, City, PSG and Real Madrid are the favorites for the Champions League”.

Sol match
“The important thing is to approach the game well, enjoy, play and win. In the tournament we are behind, the four in front are traveling very fast. We have to keep winning, step by step, then we will see. Winning is important because when we win we feel more satisfied and we work more calmly. “.

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on the heroes
“We have to create the conditions to perform better than in the last two years in the Champions League. We have to get there on condition, another tournament starts, on Monday we’ll see who touches us. First or second? It’s still open, we also need luck” .

bunny words
In the match against Malmo
“We have to win by playing well, because we can still take first place. It is important that we win.”

on the turn
“A central midfielder, but I can adapt, when needed to help the team, even on the wing, as the coach asks of me.”

On the whistles of the stadium
“I’m a professional and I’ve been doing this job for ten years and I know football. I’m calm and thinking about the pitch to give everything for this team. Only by playing well can I change this. I spoke to Allegri. I have to score, this season it hasn’t happened yet, And maybe to help the team also some assists: one more thing. So far I’ve done good things, other times I haven’t, but overall I’ve improved, even tactically.”

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