Press 123 on your smartphone keyboard and see what happens

Press 123 on your smartphone keyboard and see what happens

Smartphones have a lot of hidden features: just press 123 on your keyboard to discover a very interesting feature.

Button 123 is a shortcut for typing faster with your smartphone (

Users are now convinced that they know every feature of their smartphone. For many years now, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in our lives. Over time through these devices It has been improved with many new features Which made the user experience more engaging and engaging. However, even today, smartphones keep “secrets” unknown to many.

Button 123, here's what happens: Seeing is believing

Just to give an example, not everyone knows that By typing the 123 button on your keyboard, you can take advantage of a really interesting shortcut. This feature, which can be found on both Android phones and iOS devices, is for writing messages. But what exactly is it for?

Button 123, shortcut for faster typing (

Many users have learned to use voice recognition, a function that allows you to dictate the sentence you want to write on your mobile phone. A very useful tool, especially for those who do not want to type numbers and letters on the keyboard or perhaps have vision problems.

A possible alternative to voice recognition is the 123 button trick, which is a shortcut that allows you to type faster.

iPhone owners who need to switch between letters and numbers often and do not want to hold down the 123 button at the bottom left can do it another way. The trick is to hold down this keyDial the desired number and release it.

The good news is that Android phone owners can do this too. The procedure, in fact, is always the same. Press and hold button 123 which activates numbers, enters numbers and releases the keyTo quickly return to letters.

Smartphone, there are also other ways to type faster

This 123 key trick is definitely one of those tricks that allows you to type faster using your smartphone. However, she is not the only one, given that There are other ways too To type faster and speed up everything.

Android users, for example, can make use of the function by holding down the key marked with the dot 'e' and sliding your finger until you find the punctuation mark you want to insert into the text.

If you have an iPhone instead “Text Replacement” can be used.Or shortcuts that will be created by going to the Settings section that refers to the keyboard. For example, to open your email inbox, you can choose a shortcut characterized by typing three numbers on the keyboard.

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