April 2, 2023

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Technical analysis of aerodynamics, engine and chassis [ VIDEO ]

Thursday February 17 14:00 pm Ferrari It has finally revealed the new single-seater car that will participate in the 2022 F1 Championship and which will try to reclaim the world title after 14 years of abstinence.

X-ray of Ferrari F1-75 | ChronoGp . video

All fans expected a show in style Red Bull, in order not to reveal the many technical details of the competing teams due to the new regulation. But FerrariThrough a live presentation on Sky and YouTube, he revealed his car with many specific lines and shapes that will surely be analyzed and copied by the rival teams.

the new Ferrari F1-75 Carefully designed by David Sanchez, who is in charge of aerodynamic development, they feature extremely high, squared-up bellies, reminiscent of those found in 2011 McLarens, and are essential to boosting airflow toward the rear diffuser thanks to a greater ground effect.

Like theAston Martin For 2022, the Rossa also has side air intakes that reach the exhaust. To achieve these results, the external radiator and exhaust were reduced in size, and in particular the gearbox was minimized to make room for the rear diffuser, which is now the true champion of all cars. The 2021 suspension has been preserved: thrust route in front and traction in the rear, the front wing has been completely redesigned and can now be divided into two parts. in this way Ferrari You can try different aerodynamic solutions to save time and maximum budget, which is essential if you want to fight for the top of the rankings.

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Ferrari F1-75 Engine and Chassis Analysis | ChronoGp . video