Sports, health and prevention, science speaks, courts deny

Sports, health and prevention, science speaks, courts deny

Although there are scientific studies that confirm how important it is Playing sports For healthy psycho-physical development from infancy, the so-called institutional personalities are given as soon as they get a job, and they are compensated with large fees, Abusive lifestyle interference Quite private and personal Restricting exercise for minorsor They denied him completely. According to them, the ban imposed, as well as school trips and parties, language courses, departures, excursions and weekends with friends, are prohibited for the “higher interest of the minor”.

They believe that the task of saving a minor. But can you believe it? Obviously not. Numbers in hand, after reading the reports and the sentences, we realize that many children are taken too far from their mothers. “symbiotic, loving, healing hyper,” This also happens, in addition to the repeatedly documented hell they live in; It is the usual copy-paste, often with incorrect replacements of names, a menu for all “tastes”.

For those who train at a competitive level and live in a healthy environment such as a sports club and a sports federation center without staying on the street amid potential dangers such as alcohol and drugs, Very limited training to three times a week for just one hour. But did they know that competitive training includes morning and evening sessions for several hours a day, several times a week (even every day) tournaments and so on? They obviously know it, and everyone knows it even on Mars.

But what is clear, which indicates the law of nature, the prescriptions of medical science, common sense, and criminal and civil law, is Systematically and guiltyly. Then we ask ourselves why? the “removal systemI shorten your life, make you a prisoner, set you free, and tell you it’s for the good of your child, which is “good” shared by 5, 10 corporate figures (so whoever is wrong is you and your child, according to them), I drive indignation and then attack you. Mother and son “don’t co-operate” in terms of court-imposed requirements. If you then rebel and not allow any of the institutional figures devastating and “inexplicable” amounts of bans, i.e. crimesthe removal of your child or children is already guaranteed.

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Madam, the court has given some indications, you and your son are making a lot of fuss, do you know what your son/daughter is at risk of, do you know what the father asked for (placement in the family home)? Now the procedures to be issued will be more stringent, your child will end up in the family home and the fault will be yours alone”, these are some sayings of the CTU (Technical Adviser to the Office), private curators, guardians (generally all women). And again: Likewise the mother continued to support the condemnation of the son, accompanied by the consequences thereof experience persecution, that exercise restriction, that child He exercised obsessively every day Saturdays and Sundays included..”; “Similarly they nurtured the experience of persecution restrictions on practice Athlete and l Club attendancearranged by the guardian in agreement with TM for a series of reasons we all shared..”.

It also happens that they prevent you and your children from entering sports clubs, participating in parties and tournaments, and then extortion comes. “Attending the club and attending the father are closely related.”, results in tables, in fact results in audio and video recording. Many cases are the same, the same way of acting, the same copy-and-paste for all families and all seasons. Deafness is a chronic “disease” in an advanced state that affects institutionalized personalities (obviously not all) who, due to non-functional hearing problems, do not hear children’s stories about suffered from violence Or the violence they saw their mothers suffer.

Here, in addition to everything we’ve always said and trusted Removal of children from mothersYou can also add strict restrictions from appearance Sports and your life Special in every field, even scholastic and recreational.

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Reports and sentences, pre-cooked and packaged and then emitted from the vending machines.

Torture or the best interest of the minor?

By Giada Giunty

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