“Co – Science” Michelangelo della Morte Gallery. Opening with Gianni Molaro and Antonella Briscoe

“Co – Science” Michelangelo della Morte Gallery.  Opening with Gianni Molaro and Antonella Briscoe
“Co – Science” Michelangelo della Morte Gallery.  Opening with Gianni Molaro and Antonella Briscoe

“Co – Scienza” is the title of the exhibition by Michelangelo della Morte that will open on June 17, at 6 pm, in the premises of the “Embassy”, at Via Benedetto Croce, 19 in Naples. Organized and curated by Ferdinando Sorrentino, art promoter and president of the “I don’t go” association, designer Gianni Molaro and actress Antonella Brisco, the face of “Un posto al sol” will participate in the opening ceremony.

Michelangelo della Morte was born in Naples and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the same city. Inspired by the art of the Renaissance and Baroque, and oriented towards a “workshop” pictorial research, he proposes in his exhibition paintings that start from the deepest places of man, where his nature is existentially conscious and creative. The thread that connects the “Co – Scienza” paintings are the interpretations through images of the contents of conscience present in every human being, with light defining their bases, shaping forms, radiating surfaces and creating their shadows. Moreover, now appears the urgent need to reacquisition a very ancient and lost pictorial tradition, to remind modern man that it is only through virtues that we can know ancient periods as a symbol of beauty that never repeats.

After all, Michelangelo della Morte’s trajectory suggests the continuing need for a symbolic search, for both content and aesthetic factors, unified by a contemporary language. The protagonist is the human figure as a metaphorical declaration of the human condition, in an ongoing dialectic between mind and body, soul and spirit, space and time, male and female.

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The fair will remain open until July 1, Monday through Saturday, from 3 to 7:30 p.m

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