Sportequipe 8: Parisian debut –

Sportequipe 8: Parisian debut –

group top – Sportequipe, the flagship brand of the DR Automobiles group, unveiled its new seven-seater at the Paris Motor Show, which stands out in its market segment for its unusual technical configuration, which sees the presence of a hybrid system with external rechargeable batteries (plug) with an engine Bi-fuel thermocouple, running on gasoline and LPG. The novelty of a house called Molise Sportequipe 8 Hybrid Plug-inis strictly derived from the Chinese Chery 8 Pro Max and added to the many models arriving from the Italian brand’s newborn (over here to know more). It is 7-seater with high wheels, also available with all-wheel drive, medium and large dimensions (it measures 472 cm in length, a little more than the Seat Tarraco or Skoda Kodiaq).

Hybrid connection with three motors – The Sportequipe 8 Hybrid Plug-in able to express as a whole 320 hp With a maximum combined torque of 510 N And acceleration from 0 to 100 in 7 seconds. The thermal engine is a turbocharged 4-cylinder 1.5, capable of 156 hp, which is combined with and two electric motors (one with 75 hp and one with 95 hp) is powered by a 19.27 kWh battery, which provides a total range of 100 km in electric mode. During deceleration and braking, the system transmits the vehicle’s kinetic energy to the engine through the transmission shaft and reducer. In this way mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy capable of recharging the battery. The batteries are also recharged when the vehicle is stationary, with the thermal engine running.

Driving modes Hybrid System Sportequipe 8 Hybrid Plug-in It has different modes of operation: with a single electric motor at moderate speeds, with both electric motors at medium speeds, in parallel with the heat motor, and two electrics, in extended mode, with the thermal motor and two electric motors in series, at a more sustainable speed and with the thermal motor only when the traction batteries are discharged and the part fails electrophoresis. The Sportequipe 8’s total autonomy approaches 1,500 km, thanks to the three-mode fuel system: electric, petrol and gas (LPG), an authentic “unicum” in its segment. In fact, the heat engine can be run on gasoline or LPG.

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Rich and tech interior design – cockpit from Sportequipe 8 Hybrid Plug-in It is definitely ambitious. Luxurious leather upholstery surrounds a large screen on the dashboard that allows you to manage and monitor all the main functions of the car. The central tunnel, in addition to the CVT automatic transmission selector (with 3 preset gears) and the commands for switching from full electric to hybrid mode, also houses the climate control buttons. A panoramic roof, push-button start and 360-degree camera system are some of the standard features.

Also not a hybrid – The Sports 8 It will be available in early 2023, including in Versions with heat engine only Dual Fuel Gasoline/LPG: 2.0 TGDI260 hp turbo direct injection, also 4×4, e 1.6 TGDI200 hp, turbocharged direct injection.

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