Italy and the United States: The X Edition Eduitalia Awards Ceremony in Washington – News from the embassies

Italy and the United States: The X Edition Eduitalia Awards Ceremony in Washington – News from the embassies

(ANSA) – Washington, October 17 – The Embassy of Italy in Washington, in presence and in association with the Consulates of Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco hosted the Edition X Eduitalia Awards. 21 scholarships were offered to US students who passed the Italian AP (Advanced Placement) exam with the highest scores in 2022.

“The students were the real heroes of the ceremony, which perfectly launched the 22nd week of the Italian language in the world, dedicated this year to the new language of young people” (‘Italians and young people. How sorry they are?’), confirmed Alessandro Gonzalez, the second man in the embassy at the ceremony. “Choosing to study a foreign language means trying to break down the wall behind which Italian students will find a culture, a world and a people willing to welcome them with open arms,” ​​he added.

Awarded students will have the opportunity to spend 3 to 5 weeks in Italy in one of the associated schools with the opportunity to live an experience of complete immersion in the Italian language and culture, as Emmanuel Mayo, Director of Communications at Eduitalia, explained at the awarding of scholarships at the Embassy. The growth of Italian AP exams (2,194 taken in 2022 compared to 2,012 last year) demonstrates the great interest and passion that American students have in our language, which is underlined by the continued increase in the number of Italian students in the United States.

The ceremony was also an opportunity to highlight the critical role of teachers for students’ academic success: To resume a practice interrupted by the pandemic, EduItalia has awarded 4 additional scholarships to 3 teachers in a row from Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and to the United States. Principal of Brookewood School in Kensington, Maryland, where Italian as a foreign language is taught throughout the school, from kindergarten to the last grade of high school.

Since 2013, Eduitalia – an association of 113 language schools, academics, public and private universities that offers Italian language courses to foreign students in Italy – has asserted itself as a generous and reliable partner of the Embassy in promoting the Italian language. (Dealing).

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