Draw on the Grossa de Sant Jordi ticket with an exceptional prize of $2 million

Draw on the Grossa de Sant Jordi ticket with an exceptional prize of $2 million

Sacosta Special draw for Sant Jordi and La Grossa On this day, which is celebrated a few days after the Book Festival, On April 27 at noon. Hello You can win 2 million euros With the Unusual award, if you have the first prize number and series. But there will be 50,000 euros For the ticket with Five numbers from the first prizeAnd 20 thousand euros for the five numbers for the second prize and 10 thousand for the third prize. And let's not forget the multiple options to earn less with exits.

El Món lottery for a free ticket

Ticket from La Grossa de Sant Jordi 2024 painted by El Món

To get a ticket to La Grossa de Sant Jordi, the first opportunity is Participation in the El Món draw To win One of the 30 tickets we raffled off, With a special number that we reserve for our readers: 01714. El Món's drawing is finished Between Monday, April 8 and Monday, April 15This is via our Facebook page and our Instagram account. In case you are unlucky in this draw, you still have time to do so Buy a ticket for only 5 eurosOr online or at regular points of sale. But for now, here are the legal grounds for pulling El Món and accessing Facebook and Instagram to participate. The names of the winners will be announced on April 16.

Access to share through Facebook

Access to share through Instagram

Sant Jordi draw date: April 27

Even if La Grossa di Sant Jordi, The draw is not held on the 23rd itself, but four days later, on Saturday the 27th. It is also an important day in Catalonia because it is the Virgin Mary of Montserrat. So St. George's Day can be used to buy a ticket for the raffleg, and if there is no time until the 27th at 12 noon, one hour before the drawing. Tickets can be purchased online or on the website Lottery in Cataloniaas in the usual 2,000 physical points of sale.

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How many tickets are for sale?

to La Grossa de Sant Jordi has put 80,000 numbers up for sale (from 00,000 to 79,999). Each issue has a total of 35 series. To obtain the exceptional prize number (in case the series matches), which is the same as the first prize number, a draw will be held. The second, third and second refunds will then be withdrawn. Overall, a quick drawing that is easy to follow and understand.

he First prize It will be one Extraordinary winner of two million euros The player who has the winning number and series. The remaining five-numbered winners (34 tickets) will receive a prize of 50,000 euros, while tickets with previous and subsequent numbers will receive 2,000 euros. All winning numbers will also be awarded, resulting in you winning more or less money depending on the numbers matched.

he The second prize is 20 thousand euros, will be obtained when all five numbers match the extracts of the second draw. The same goes for The third prize is 10,000 euros.

A very social lottery

In the end, whether you have one of the winning numbers or not, the most important thing about La Grossa is that 100% of the profits generated from the sale of raffle tickets go to the Catalonia State Prosperity and Social Cohesion Fund, meaning that the money stays in Catalonia and is invested in Social programs for the most vulnerable groups. In fact, the Catalonia Lottery logo says: You can get 2,000,000 euros, because we have all already received 300 million euros in social actions.

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