June 2, 2023

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Ruffini, tax evaders in prison? There are 19 million, that’s not convenient – the last hour

(ANSA) – Turin, June 02 – “Jail for those who don’t pay taxes has never convinced me. I would rather put a tax evader in jail until the business fails or makes him work so that he pays society? That’s 19 million people who don’t pay taxes. We’ve identified them but who Should he put them all in jail?” This was stated by Ernesto Maria Ruffini, Director of the Revenue Agency, who presented his book “Uguali per Costtituzione” at the Turin Festival of the Economy. A history of an incomplete utopia from 1948 until today”, by Feltrinelli.

“My ideal system is one in which the citizens know that those who do not pay are intercepted and the act is punished by making them pay. Who is self-defeating to escape?” Ruffini said.

Regarding pre-filling, Ruffini added: “I don’t have up-to-date data, but that’s fine. Every year we have surprises about how citizens become familiar with this tool.”

Next steps? “We are already working on pre-collecting business entity records, and the pre-collected VAT will start next year. And every year, every month we wrestle with the new regulations.

He also made it clear that we see the tools that the legislator allows us to use.” (ANSA).

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