March 29, 2023

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Spalletti, angry quarrel with a fan after Fiorentina Napoli: videos and photos

Unpleasant episode in Fiorentina Napoli: Luciano Spalletti He got into a furious fight with some of Viola’s fans and called someone who insulted him severely and tried to slap him. While he was arguing, a bottle fell on him as well: “In Florence, you know, they offend you from start to finish. There’s incredible rudeness, and then as the crowd approaches. From the beginning they keep saying ‘You’ mom, you’re ‘Mom’, but it’s 90 years old, poor thing.” Those behind the bench are shameless in terms of profession.”

Spalletti angry at Fiorentina fans’ behavior

The Napoli coach cannot understand what is happening in Florence, it is he who went as a child to cheer on the field for the viola with flags in hand. From the stands of the French there were also vulgar chants against San Gennaro. But, as mentioned, the dispute between Spalletti and a fan after the 0-0 that both teams achieved on the field is catching the ball. “With kids two meters away watching, these fans are humiliating. They are professionals at insult.”

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Spalletti, video of the fight with a Fiorentina fan

We’ll see if action is taken. Also in La Spezia, yesterday, during Spezia SassuoloCheers were raised against Napoli. The team must, of course, remain calm, and Spalletti himself must try not to respond to the provocations that come to him from the stands.

Napoli, Spalletti angry: face to face with Fiorentina fans

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Napoli, Spalletti angry: face to face with Fiorentina fans

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