An expected update sparks rumors about upcoming news, but it’s unlikely –

An expected update sparks rumors about upcoming news, but it’s unlikely –

From Scheduled update for blood borne In the next few days, a rumor about him is making its way onto the internet Possible news soon Regarding the game, maybe the announcement of a sequel or a remake, but it all seems certain Unlikely.

There is already a Bloodborne update scheduled for August 31, 2022, with a maintenance schedule scheduled for that day, but this issue doesn’t seem to have the expected consequences. These rumors were fueled by some sources, such as the Twitter account Pyo in the message shown below, leading to continued speculation about the possible return of the game, and in this case, also the possible convergence of PlayStation Show in September.

However, it’s also worth noting that it’s not the first time Bloodborne has undergone updates even years after its release. In particular, the Scheduled maintenance They happen fairly regularly, due to server-side updates implemented by Sony and FromSoftware, so this episode also appears to be part of normal game management.

On the other hand, it is also true that rumors about the possibility of a PlayStation show for September 2022 have been going on for days and it is impossible to completely rule out the possible news about Bloodborne, considering that it is still one of the most beloved titles by the PlayStation fans, and thus some news related to the game e PS5even in connection with a particular upgrade, it is not previously excluded.

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