March 29, 2023

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Inzaghi: ‘Ko that hurts and can leave waste, there’s a problem in head-to-head clashes. You can’t score if you produce like this’ | front page

interview by dozenthe coach from interAnd the Simon Inzaghicommented with regret on the 2-0 defeat in Turin against Juventus.

Contrition – “We had an excellent first half where you can’t go to rest 0-0 in this stadium against Juventus. We started well in the second half also with the crossbar. Then we conceded the goal, we could equalize with Lautaro and then took the second, it hurts, football is like that. Last year we won it, we didn’t deserve it, and this time we didn’t deserve to lose.

direct clashes – “In these games we have to do more, it’s a reality this year. We can’t help but go ahead with what we’re making. 2-0 is a 3m pass that sent Brozovic into goal. Do it, in short, in these games played on the edge of the razor, You have to do more.”

What is missing – “It could happen to go down 1-0, even if it wasn’t after a match like this. Then we were in a hurry. 5 defeats Other times you didn’t have to, you would have had 3 draws and you were more advanced in Ranking. Do their job well, in the league we don’t have continuity last year.”

to improve – “We take the two goals when restarting. We have been working for 4 days on these situations where you have to make a mistake. At Juventus you can’t give such chances. If that happens, you have to act better and if precautions are not enough, you have to to do that.”

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Scudetto – “At this moment, Inter should aim for more continuity. They all run, the defeat hurts because the match and the moment were important. We have to react from a mental point of view, because it can lead to waste. Let’s play in 2 days, we have to respond.” Because we still have 25 days left.”

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