March 31, 2023

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Juventus tried rudely for Fiorentina: The attack on Torreira is ready

Viola has until May 31 to retrieve him from Arsenal, but there is no agreement with the player and his agent

Juventus ready to enter a stalemate between Fiorentina and Lucas Torreira And he gives Allegri a midfield reinforcement that is certainly reliable and inexpensive. Viola has until May 31 to exercise the right of redemption from Arsenal, but she would like to Discount on 15 million agreed last summer, the request was refused by the Gunners. Moreover, the Tuscans still do not have an agreement with the player and his agent: the Uruguayan midfielder wants to realize Pre-agreed salary (2.75 net per season, versus 1.8 they earned this season), while Pablo Betancourt has one 5%-10% commission on purchase.

The numbers at stake are not an issue for the Bianconeri, both in terms of card and player requests. On the other hand, the essence of Fiorentina is about salary: as reported by, this year Torreira earned 1.8 million net, while the salary already agreed for future seasons is 2.75 net. The player does not intend to reduce the amount already set 12 months ago, which is even less than the amount he received at Arsenal.

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Regarding, however, the commission to his agent, Betancourt believes he obtained it by offering Fiorentina significant advantages in the agreement with Arsenal: in fact, he agreed that if he exceeded 25 games per season, Viola would not have paid the 1.5 million loan. Therefore, after the midfielder has played 35 official matches, his loan will be free. Moreover, the ransom will be 15 million to be paid in six installments of 2.5 (which will end in 2025) and not in one payment, as Arsenal claimed. The situation is somewhat confused and time is ticking: as of June 1 the Gunners will have the freedom to decide Torreira’s future.

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