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5.20 Thank you for joining us and having a good day. Sports salute.

5.15 tomorrow at 4.00 second test, snow permitting. Then the weather forecast is better for Monday and for the race on Tuesday.

5.12 Today, however, it was only important to understand Sophia Jogia’s circumstances. The Bergamo team started very cautiously. Then we saw how he started gaining confidence as he came down. Upon arriving, he raised his arms and cried with joy, unable to hold back the tears of emotion. Sophia is there! And we already know that nothing is impossible when the body and mind reach the same goal.

5.10 Italians’ placements: Sofia Giugia twelfth at 1 55, 15 Nadia Delago at 1 71, 17 Nicole Delago at 2 17, 18 Elena Cortone at 2 31, 20 Federica Brignoni at 2 42, 21 Marta Pacino at 2″ 46, Francesca 29 Marsaglia at 3″ 00. Blue shot only occasionally, times of the day not very indicative.

5.07 First round standings:

  1. Priska Nufer (Switzerland) 1’33″ 47 Goal vault
  2. Kira Wedel (Germany) +0.44
  3. Christine Scherr (Austria) +0.67
  4. Corinne Sauter (Switzerland) +0.83
  5. Michel Jessen (Switzerland) +0.86
  6. Lara Gut Bahrami (Switzerland) +
  7. Laura Gauche (France) +0.99
  8. Joanna Heilin (Switzerland) +
  9. Michaela Shiffrin (USA) +1.33
  10. Ragnhild Moenkel (Norway) +1.40.40

5.03 New Zealander Alice Robinson is 19th at 2 34.

4.59 The American Cashman ranks 27 out of 3 67.

4.58 Good performance by Michaela Shiffrin IX at 1 33. If he regains confidence, that would be the preferred logic for gold composite.

4.56 Swiss Wendy Holdener, a favorite of the compact group, simply takes action and shuts down in 5 seconds.

4.55 It is not a given that the second test will take place tomorrow: snow is expected.

4.53 Marsaglia charges 3 seconds sharp, with a jump in the goal. It’s 24ma. 30 athletes have gone down, and there are still 7-8 of a good level missing.

4.51 Russian Pleshkova 3 closes 62 from above. It’s up to Francesca Marsaglia.

4.49 Other French: Romane Miradoli is 20ma at 2 66.

4.48 French Laura Gauche is in seventh place at 0.99. The first Italian is Sofia Giugia, eleventh at 1″ 55.

4.46 Swiss Priska Nufer takes the lead, but clearly misses the door. For her 0.44 on Weidle.

4.45 Nicole Delago jumps out the door and makes several mistakes. In the end he did and is 14th at 1″ 73.

4.43 American Tricks is eleventh at 1 23. Now let’s see Nicole Delago.

4.42 Switzerland’s Joana Haehlen is sixth with 8 tenths. The Swiss are withdrawing because there is an inside selection of the four positions available on Tuesday.

4.41 The Swiss Collie is 16th at 2″ 35. Austrian Ridler does not start due to knee problems.

The first 20 dropped 4.38, Weidle led by 0.23 over Scheyer, 0.39 over Suter, 0.42 over Gisin, and 0.50 over Gut-Behrami. Sofia Jogia, on her return, is eight at 1-11: the woman from Bergamo rejoiced and let out a cry of liberation. Ten Nadia Delago at a price of 1 27.

4.37 On the other hand, the Austrian Tamara Tepler’s time is high, 15ma at 2″ 24.

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4.35 New change at the top. German Kira Weidle is first at 23 cents over Scheyer.

4.33 Austrian Kristen Scheer takes the lead with a time of 1’34 x 14. He does 0.16 better than Corinne Sutter. The feeling is that the track is accelerating.

4.31 Lara Jot Bahrami scary up a slope. The Swiss took 52 cents of an advantage in third, then climbed up and took third place at 0.11. We have three Swiss in the top three! Jogja is in sixth place with 0.72.

04.30 Michelle Gisin came in second with three cents from Corinne Suter. Two Swiss are in front.

04.28 Corinne Sutter saves herself and unleashes! Intercept the test as if in the race and type a resounding 1:34.30, ahead of Mowinckel by 57 cents. Sofia Jogia is in fourth place at 72 cents.

04.25 The Swiss Jasmine raft accumulates three-tenths of the advantage in the initial stretch, then gradually loses and takes fourth place at 0.26 of the leader. Petra Velhova from Slovakia decided not to start. Now it’s Corinne Sutter’s turn.

04.23 Norway’s Ragnhild Mowinckel jumps to the top with a time of 1:34.87, seven cents ahead of Ledecka. Sofia Jogia is ranked third at 15 cents.

04.21 We liked Sofia Jogia: she skates without fear, shows great speed in some parts and skates with conviction. Bergamo team did not back down. His smile and cheer at the finish line warm our hearts. Very, very well after weeks of fear and doubt.

04.20 Sofia Jogia leaves in an instant with little vision. Brake a little more than the other brakes near the first jump, as a lot of the door jumped. The Bergamo contestant charges 55 cents on average first, and seems to struggle a little on her right foot, but then begins to gain confidence. Good at speed, although there are bumps. He tied in the final with a great personality and closed at 8 cents from Ledecka. Once you reach the finish line, raise the sticks above your helmet and show a bright smile! Azure convinces and satiates!

04.19 Technical break before the landing of Sofia Jogia. Expectation is growing.

04.18 Slovenian Ilka Stuhec stops near the penultimate middle. He seems to be in some pain. Then it reaches the finish line with a 10-second delay. Now Sofia Jogia!

04.16 Ester Lidka also jumped out the door on the initial jump, then got really fast in the second part of the race and reclaimed six-tenths to Nadia Delago: the Czech is ahead by 24 hundredths. Olympic champion PGS on the ice has not spared herself.

04.14 Marie-Michel Gagnon is very fast. Interest in the Canadian because this track can be consistent with his characteristics: he is second by 14 cents to Nadia Delago. Now the Czech Ester Lydeka.

04.12 Ramona Siebenhofer studies the track and is not looking for time. Among other things, the Austrian had not even made a super G, so he had to learn the track better. It closes with a delay of 2.17. Now Canadian Cagnon, Sofia Jogia’s expectations are growing: two more players and then it’s up to her.

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04.10 Marta Pacino is adept at not jumping the door in the initial stretch, then she also manages to be quick and extremely accurate. Good performance by Piedmont, who keeps up with Nadia Delago in the central division (four tenths behind), then in the final was a bit slow and finished 75ths behind.

04.08 Puchner often hides and does not push and tries to understand some of the mysteries of the track. The Austrian does not jump doors, but it has done in several places. Accumulate 2.45 late. Now Marat Pacino.

04.06 Federica Brignone jumped the door in the first division, like Huetter. It’s not easy to read a new track at its best. Aosta Valley did very well in the final, beating Nadia Delago and closing at 0.71 (they are third). Now Austrian Miriam Buechner.

04.05 Elena Curtoni is more accurate than Nadia Delago at the top, but less fast. Excellent management of the blue color, which flattens out at the end and ends with 60 hundredths of delay: most of the delay is built up at the top. Now Federica Brignoni.

04.03 Cornelia Hutter jumps a door in the first section, on the first jump. The Austrian is clean in the initial stage, then gets up a bit before entering the initial extension and closes with a delay of 1.16 from Delago. Now Elena Cortoni.

04.02 Nice view on the track. Nadia Delago advanced far before jumping into the center stage, just moments before the center stage. Pay attention to the entrance to the valley, it has widened a little: accuracy is required there because then there is the long flat section where speed is needed. He wakes up in the final and closes with a time of 1:35.18.

04.00 begins! Nadia Delago at the starting gate.

03.56 Expectation increases. In four minutes the start with Nadia Delago. Sofia Jogia will go down around 04.15-04.20.

03.54 Michaela Shiffrin is also on trial. The American, with Bib #32, is a veteran of falling into the giant and slalom, in the Super G she struggled.

03.52 Nicole Delago (25) and Francesca Marsaglia (30) are also auditioning. In Italy there are four places available for racing, so these tests are used to determine the lineup that will be published on Tuesday 15 February.

03.50 Ten minutes into the start of the first timed trial of the women’s pedigree at the Olympics.

03.48 Lara Gott won the Super G yesterday and is among the downhill favorites. The Swiss chose Bib No. 17. Also interested in Austrian Ramona Seppenhofer (7), Czech Ester Lidka (9), Swiss Yasmine Flori (13), Corin Sauter (15) and Michel Jessen (16).

03.46 We will have four Italians in the first six going down: Nadia Delago (1), Elena Cortone (3), Federica Brignoni (4) and Marta Pacino (6). The intruders are the Austrians Cornelia Hauter (2) and Mirjam Buechner (5).

03.44 Sofia Jogia has been working hard for the past 3 weeks: physiotherapy, intense training and rehabilitation just to try to find the right form and look for noise in the games. Will the mission be successful? Today it will be important to understand the case and study the path lines a little, without overdoing it.

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03.42 Sofia Jogja won the gold medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. If she was fit, she would naturally be the favorite that night.

03.40 Sofia Jogia will run with bib number 11. We remember that she won the season four World Cup races.

03.38 The hope is that Sofia Jogia is fine and can compete in three days. Blue has repeatedly announced that it won’t be “La Jogga,” but we’ll see. Today you probably will not impose that much force, it will be important to understand what the sensations will be.

03.36 There has been a lot of talk in recent days about what the Bergamo player looks like on social media, and more coverage by journalists. Today we will know a little more.

03.34 There are high hopes for Sofia Jogia, who made her debut in the Games. The Olympic downhill champion had to ditch the Super G yesterday and look into her best form after injury at Cortina d’Ampezzo.

03.32 The girls will have the opportunity to test the Yanqing Circuit. It will start at 04.00 with the first of the three scheduled exams (one tomorrow, the other on Monday). The race is scheduled for Tuesday, February 15 (04.00).

03.30 Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the first women’s timed experience at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The role of Superwoman J

Hello, and hello, friends, OA Sport to LIVE LIVE from our first timer downhill test. The world’s fastest women sharpen their claws before the Olympic Freestyle and prepare to face him again “Rock” Yanqing, The track so far lacks satisfaction with the blue colors.

The attention of fans and athletes is drawn to the favorite Sofia Jogia on the eve, He sustained a fairly serious injury in Cortina a few weeks ago but is determined to try everything in order to defend the gold medal he won in Pyeongchang in 2018. In addition to “Super Sophie”, sisters Nadia and Nicole Delago, Federica Brignoni, Marta Pacino, Francesca Marsaglia and Elena Cortone will participate in this course.

Our flag-bearers will have to protect their backs from the Swiss Corinne Suter and Lara Gut-Behrami, the new winner of the five-circuit SuperG race. even Czech Ester Lydica He did well on the Chinese slope, while the Austrians did Miriam Buechner and Tamara Tepler They want to repeat the good performance 24 hours ago.

Alpine skiing, Italy will do better on the slopes with the Delago sisters. And Sophia Jogia…

The first time-bound test to follow to better understand Sophia’s potential, even if runners (first and foremost) aren’t going to push the accelerator to the limit. With LIVE LIVE sponsored by OA Sport, you can keep up to date with developments in real time in Experience, Stay in our company!

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