Sleeping naked is beneficial according to science

Sleeping naked is beneficial according to science

Sleeping without clothes is one of the best alternatives when the temperature allows it, because it is a comfortable way to sleep, in addition to bringing some benefits.

So, whether it's for convenience or because you enjoy being naked, sleeping naked can improve your health and make you enjoy more intimate relationships.

Sleeping without clothes allows your skin to breathe, reducing the risk of skin problems

Benefits of sleeping naked

but, What are the benefits of sleeping naked? Why should you choose to sleep without clothes instead of sleeping in pajamas? Below you can find answers to these questions thanks to the data provided by various scientific studies in this type of research.

1. Improves reproductive health

Scientific data claims that men who sleep naked have better quality sperm and therefore have a higher fertility level. Many urology experts say: “Sleeping without clothes has a positive effect on a man’s sperm, because maintaining the ideal body temperature contributes to the good condition of sperm.” Excess heat causes a decrease in testosterone production“.Something that is not at all beneficial for male fertility.

2. Helps lose weight

It turns out that body temperature decreases when we sleep, therefore, The body naturally burns more fat. But when we wear clothes, clothing reduces this effect. This doesn't mean you'll lose a significant amount of weight, but it's not bad for burning extra calories.

3. Healthier skin

Sleeping naked will not only have a positive effect on reducing fat, but your skin will also benefit from the practice. Sleeping without clothes allows your skin to breatheWhich leads to a lower risk of skin problems. In addition, sleeping naked promotes the activation of brown fat, which in turn allows the regeneration of dead cells and keeps the skin smoother and healthier.

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4. More closeness with the partner

Couples who sleep naked feel greater affection and connection, as physical contact increases the release of oxytocin, which is the love and bonding hormone. Thanks for this chemist The bond between the individuals in the relationship becomes stronger, more flexible, and more permanent.

5. Reduce stress

Another important hormone in our body is cortisol, because at high levels it is involved in stressful processes. It seems like sleeping naked Reducing cortisol levels in the body and thus reduces stress.

6. Less hungry when you wake up

Cortisol, in addition to its association with stress, It also seems to have an effect on us Jana. At higher levels of cortisol, there is a greater feeling of hunger. By reducing cortisol levels thanks to sleeping naked, we also feel less hungry when we wake up. Another benefit of sleeping naked relates to weight loss.

7. You will be cleaner

Especially in the summer, when the heat is intense, we tend to wake up sweating. At this time of year, it can be a great alternative to sleeping without clothes. This way, we will sweat less and be cleaner in the morning.

8. Helps you sleep better

Sleeping without clothes during hot seasons will help you stay cooler and more comfortable. This facilitates sleep and avoids waking up in the middle of the night with an unpleasant feeling.

9. Renewal

Some research suggests that sleeping naked helps you slow down the aging process. When we sleep we secrete growth hormone, which is key to cell regeneration and thus acts as an anti-aging substance. On the other side, Sleeping in very warm environments causes us to process less growth hormoneWhich causes faster aging.

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