“Sordy told me to stop, Amadeus was born in a moment of crisis” – Corriere.it

“Sordy told me to stop, Amadeus was born in a moment of crisis” – Corriere.it
to Valerio Capelli

The comedian is having a great time and telling himself, taking his career back

Max Tortura It begins and never ends. We are talking about his length. what’s its kind? We have exceptional help, Half of it in the words of Carlo Verdoni, who was a friend of his and worked with him: ‘Max is a man of absolute genius, which you don’t expect and come when you take it out of context. It strips, darkens, and then comes up with genius asking yourself: How the hell did that happen? He is very sensitive, lonely, good, conservative. A man from another time.

Max, how tall is he?
“One and 97”.

He is the only representative they can contact His Highness. Was it a disability?

“At first, yes, even if I tried not to intimidate my colleagues, I gradually avoided becoming an attribute, I did not include height in a movie. I did some work on the body, not moving from a height, with calculated gestures: if I extended an arm I became very visible ».

In a scene from Vita da Carlo, Verdun’s beautiful autobiographical series, they thought it was Christian de Sica.
“There we do it ourselves. Carlo wanted us to refer to ourselves through a famous phrase. In fact, they thought I was de Sica wrong, and I was flattered. As soon as I signed to sign his name. When I told Christian, he commented that we both have calm eyes. I don’t have any photo problems if they don’t recognize me. Earlier, Carlo called me you only live onceThe movie has been postponed and I don’t know how many times because of Covid. The warmth of our friendship shines through him too.”

She is the first in the second row, now she is gaining a lot of positions, and she has potential that has yet to be discovered.
«The first of the second row … wait for me to sign it, I consider it the best compliment I have received. But yes, I live everything as it comes. Now I notice the continuation of work that I did not have.”

How did you start?
“In a disco in Rome, where they interrupted the music to make me do Corrado. Unintentionally, I received a round of applause. I consider it my first show. I was 18 years old.”

Was this what he wanted to do as a child?
“Yes, even if I study architecture later. When I was a kid, I used to say to myself: Why are you sitting on the sofa and not there, on the TV? I come from a family of artists. Papa was a manager of the hotel and had a unique sympathy, and he left very soon, and fortunately had time to see me in the theatre; Dad imitated all his co-workers, nicknames anyone who fell in range. My brother is a great singer, he is 57 years old and I see him well The Voice SeniorHe has a perfect tone, he doesn’t have to search for the one I envy him so much. My sister sings well and her daughter, my niece Manuela Lanobel, is making a name for herself, and you can also watch it on YouTube.”

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She plays the piano.
“I have it at home by my side. He’s like a beautiful woman, if you don’t listen to him he won’t stand in the queue anymore, and if you let him go, he says to you: What do you think, after three months you’ll stay here and you’re playing me like nothing happened?”

Is it true that you wanted to be the leader of a band?
“Yes. I love Riccardo Moti because he has a universal humanistic view of music, and we understand that there is a world behind it. Besides its intensity it is a joke.”

What was the shape of the first teenagers?
“On Sundays we went to lunch at Castelli Romani, which was a luxury, and there was plenty on the table, and there was also Aunt Giannina. We were happy and we didn’t know it. Dad was waiting for us under the house with the open doors of his Fiat, of which he was very proud. On the way we listened great varietyWhen the matches came back: Radio was the absolute champ. I made radio, a wonderful formative school.”

Soon you will be born his famous tradition.
“I didn’t do much, and I never felt imitated, I started doing it to please my traveling companions on theater tours. You can see that they left their mark. Luciano Rispoli, Celentano turned into an emblem when speaking in a somewhat improbable Roman accent. Then Alberto Sordi will mature.”

Is anyone angry?
“There were those who were offended that Alberoni wearing the blanket was a sign of old age. It was actually a quote from one of his famous films, I know you know I know. He told me: You’re good, but you’d better stop. From him, I became an assistant worker in His innocence of not committing the crime. We were in close contact with the group, they patted everyone, at that time there were no digital recordings, the footage was shown in a kind of VCR ».

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Cesare me?
“He brought me a popularity I wasn’t used to. I realized when people started greeting me from car windows all night. In the long series there is a problem of doing six to seven scenes a day. How do you memorize the lines? I have a great photographic memory. I read and go absorbed. The meaning of what I say.

Not only did he explain the comedy by Vanzina and Neri Parenti…
“The D’Innocenzo brothers have trusted me in two of their three films, enough land And the bad tales. on my skin It tells the incredible legal story of Stefano Cocci; We thanked his family members for the frugality and respect with which we were treated. I notice that there is a greater openness than in the past, a lot goes from comedic roles to dramatic roles, there is intersection, and we are more free ».

Is cinema less centralized?
“Because of the lost receipts? In my life it remains an essential experience, even in the simplest movement of the lips that I think cinematically.”

It came out of the actor’s pen.
“Since I know where I can best express myself, if there are things that characterize me greatly, I avoid them.”

I was a regular guest on Rai2 with Sergio Rubini, Giovanni Veronese and Alessandro Haber: Why did it go so badly?
“Maybe it was the wrong time period. We had a lot of fun though. They had no idea what I was going to say.

Max, she gives in to the idea of ​​keeping her ego at bay.
“I don’t have a lot of real friends, one of them is Carlo Verdone, well, you can count on him.” He stops, smiles: «Not only on medical advice, he gives it to many. For the ego, suppose I position myself as an observer in relation to what happens to me.”

He was an assistant at a football match.
“At the Olympic Stadium to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Rome. 2007 ».

It is true that the strange tern bird, in the restaurant, always eats the same dishesYou?
“With Vasari I went to eat pizza, with Amendola Rigatoni alla Carbonara, with Enrico Bertolino ravioli.”

It is in effect in the sixties.
“I’ve had more than I thought, I claim normal life is a beautiful achievement. I’m walking around inside scooter, Traffic in Rome do not know what. But recently, due to age ailments, I gave up and also bought a car. Life planning has changed, short term projects. If a friend asks to see you on Friday, I’ll tell them Let’s hear from you on Friday. Sail on the horizon, seize the moment. If they don’t contact me for a project, don’t panic anymore.”

In tradition we’d forget Inspector Derek and Amadeus.
“Actually the first was for Gianni Morandi: I sang rain is falling Behind my bedroom door. My mom made me perform for her friends. I was shy, I must have been 10 years old. I saw it in Sanremo and loved it. I loved Drusilla, I followed her from the beginning, at the festival she clarified a beautiful term: the uniqueness of each of us ».

But Derek?
“Well, I grew up on TV Horse’s wrath from the westAnd the Mork and Mindy With Robin Williams and Derek: This crazy phlegm to him … but he knew from the start how to solve cases, then the Spartan office so far away from the richness of American TV series, the grainy color … on a raincoat and bring it to TV ».

And what?
«Amadeus tradition … I was in Otranto, on the waterfront, in front of a plate of spaghetti with seafood, I was 38 and I began to worry, no further proposals came. Suddenly I screamed in the voice of Amadeus, his line in the program the legacy: We have reached the moment of shock! I pitched this idea on TV, on a Rai 2 to a Bulldozer, and it worked. In the illustration, I address an unfortunate competitor with absurd and improbable questions. It all started with a sudden joke that came to me at a difficult moment, in front of that spaghetti.”

We see that Carlo Verdone is right when he asks himself: Where did these ideas come from?

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