Only electric cars from 2025

Only electric cars from 2025

Switch dates – Stellantis as part of the industrial scheme offer Give Forward 2030 She indicated the dates that only the brands of the group will produce new electric models for the European market. From slide below it is obvious that Maseratithe group’s only luxury brand, will be fully electric from 2024. For premium brands, this is Alfa RomeoAnd the launch And the DS Instead, we’ll have to wait for a file 2025. about all the others Group Builders Fateful History 2026.

Alfa Romeo Faced with this spontaneously asked question: How will it be? heirs from current Julia And the Stelvio? As we know, in a few months, redesigned versions should appear (here to learn more), but it is reasonable to assume that new generations can only be driven electric motors. The latest arrival, the Tonale SUV, will have an EV variant in 2024, then it will be a vote for a smaller crossover, which can be called Brenner, is built on the updated version of the CMP modular platform of the previous PSA group. This small intersection, scheduled for 2024Therefore, the latest new model should be available for both thermal and electric motors.

Maserati – The Maseratiwhich currently has mild hybrid versions of the Ghibli sedan and Levante SUV on the list, in 2023 She will launch her peers Electrician One of the new SUVs grical And the sports coupe Gran Turismo. It remains unclear whether or not the Quattroporte’s successor will be electric only.

launch – Little information about launch. However, Tavares has confirmed her willingness to relaunch the brand as an all-electric brand. In this sense, it can be assumed that the heir of the current Ypslonscheduled in 2024on the Fiat Nova 500 electric platform.

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Increase margins – Stylantis plans to quadrilateral its revenue in the premium segment and fivefold its dividend by 2030. The goal is to move, within eight years, from currently 4% to 11% of edge Created by reputable brands.

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