Manual gearbox, from 2023 will not be present on these cars

Manual gearbox, from 2023 will not be present on these cars

Big change for the future. Here’s a leaked piece of news that car enthusiasts won’t like at all.

Leadership. A broad term today and in the past born from the union of the words autòs and mobìlis; Together they make sense self-driving vehicle. Not really when you think about it, considering that some time has to pass before the car is allowed to go on its own. And this is precisely the essence of the entire automotive sector: innovation. Every year we can see many different innovations.

We will no longer see this specific component: the well-known brand freezes the lovers of

They may not be to everyone’s liking, but they sure know how to introduce new products to the four-wheeler market. And speaking of which, a large company decided to force a change that we can in some ways define as historic without fear of offending anyone. Let’s talk about manual transmissionwhich car enthusiasts are most interested in. Well, this component is definitely not avant-garde in danger of disappearing. Among many brands, Volkswagen is also moving in this direction.

Manual or automatic transmission: differences

It is always difficult to answer such questions. After all, automatic transmission and manual transmission are poles apart in terms of technical concept and use. However, the evolution of engines requires us to think about this. As far as the automatic machine is concerned, the advantages are mainly an increase in driving comfort, especially if we travel in populated places. Among the disadvantages is the purchase price, to put it mildly, high compared to the classic manual gearbox. But even repairs and maintenance are no joke.

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Although it is still the most used type of transport, and it is the one that needs human support, it has various positive aspects. Meanwhile, it is easy to use; It does not affect the purchase price of the car, it does not require constant maintenance, and in any case it makes driving a car very enjoyable. Without forgetting that it gives the driver a sense of complete control of the vehicle.

However, consumption is higher, and city driving is by no means ideal. In short, the guide is good if you care about saving money when buying or renting a car. And most importantly – to drive out of town. The opposite is automatic. If driving preference is about moving around urban centers, then this is precisely the new component that one has to rely on.

Automatic gearbox – Volkswagen decided what to do

Abandoning the beloved manual transmission. A real nightmare for a car enthusiast. However, it has become increasingly popular among global car brands, starting with Mercedes and BMW, so that we are now getting to it as well. Volkswagen. the last one I decided to stop production of the manual transmission of its cars As of March 2023. Fear not too much, because it seems to be about China. Apparently, it’s all written in a letter sent to SAIC Volkswagen employees in Shanghai.

Volkswagen: the change in China is simply a historic event November 18, 2022
Volkswagen: Change in China is quite simply

There is not much difference compared to what has been done so far, since the manual gearbox in the respective factory is only present in the Polo, Lavida and Santana models. The decision – not yet confirmed – appears to have been made due to a change of course taken by the entire SUV market in China, where hybrid and electric cars almost exclusively use automatic transmissions.

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So, for now, enthusiasts can sleep peacefully. Even if this change seems to be more effective in every corner of the globe. We’ll see if Europe and the US soon abandon this component in almost every vehicle between now and the near future.

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