Sony's PS5 Pro patent appears to confirm rumors about a DLSS mode upgrade

Sony's PS5 Pro patent appears to confirm rumors about a DLSS mode upgrade

new Sony patent It seems to confirm the rumors regarding the technology DLSS mode upgrade Which PS5 Pro They can be combined, giving the new console model a significant performance advantage over the current version.

A few days ago, well-known journalist Jeff Grubb reported that, according to his sources, the PS5 Pro will arrive in 2024 and will boast special hardware solutions that will allow it to implement Increasing accuracy through machine learning For hardware acceleration, ray tracing support.

Well, the patent filed by the Japanese company specifically goes to Explain how DLSS mode technology workswhich writes Asset Aware Data (AAD) to a command buffer and Level of Detail (LOD) data to system memory, which the GPU uses to display frames as required by the CPU.

Sony patent

An idea from Mark Cerny?

Although these are just assumptions at the moment, since there are obviously no exact references, Sony's document appears to describe how the PS5 Pro can manage… Important new features.

The patent is also attributed to Mark Cerny Personally: It looks like the PS4 and PS5 system engineer is behind this solution. We will see in the coming months whether the relationship between these plans and the recent leaks is real or not.

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