Goodbye to Mercedes forever: The news shocks customers

Goodbye to Mercedes forever: The news shocks customers

Mercedes is among the most famous brands in the world, but now its customers will have to add details of the highest level.

The reason behind Mercedes Over the years, it has become one of the main automobile production companies, deriving above all from the ability to look to the future with perfection. In fact, the Stuttgart company focused on safety when few people still knew what it really meant, let alone advances in comfort and electric range.

Mercedes, goodbye forever (

For these reasons and not only. Mercedes It has proven over the years that it knows how to impose itself in the world of engines, thanks to its four-wheel power that has also been admired in Formula 1. The results hoped for are certainly not arriving at the moment, with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell unable to compete for the title.

A major blow to the three-point star was undoubtedly the fact that the seven-time world champion decided to leave the team a year ahead of schedule. In fact, his contract was due to expire in 2025, but he may have already understood the massive problems facing the 2024 car.

Considering that next year will be the last before the great revolution of 2026, it is reasonable that Mercedes Dark times are still far from over. In the meantime, the Stuttgart company is focusing on a series of innovations, with some choices that are difficult for customers to accept, and a farewell that carries the flavor of the end of an era.

Mercedes-AMG C 63 S: Goodbye to the V8 engine forever

AMG range of Mercedes It has always generated a series of very powerful models, with the engine of choice often being the V8. For the fifth series C 63 S However, it was decided to take another direction, significantly reducing the size of the engine, while trying to keep the power unchanged.

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Goodbye to the problems of the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S V8 hybrid electric car
Mercedes AMG C 63 S (Mercedes Media –

The new variant is a hybrid model, but this model only has a 2000cc 4-cylinder engine. A real blow to the hearts of many enthusiasts, but as always, it is Mercedes that knows how to amaze everyone, because even if the dimensions decrease, the potential to be one of the most powerful cars in the world remains.

The C 63 S is 484cm long, 190cm wide and 146cm high, making it certified for five people. The thermal part can generate 476 horsepower, while the electric part installed in the back of the car reaches 204 horsepower, allowing the car to reach the crazy goal of 680 horsepower.

That's why this car remains consistently high-performance even with an engine change. This model is still capable of reaching a speed of 280 km/h as the maximum peak acceleration and acceleration push it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. The cost is always too high, in fact, to get one of the best home models Mercedes A total calculation of the well is needed 125,332 eurosThe cost reflects its value.

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