The Prague shooter was carrying bullets to commit a larger massacre

The Prague shooter was carrying bullets to commit a larger massacre

The perpetrator of the Prague attack, a 24-year-old Czech student, had enough ammunition to cause a massacre greater than the one he committed at Karolina University in the Czech capital on Thursday, where he left 13 dead and 25 wounded, even one who finally committed suicide. The massacre could have been “large”, as there were abundant weapons and ammunition, as police sources in Prague reported yesterday. This was prevented by quick intervention by the officers. The police were tracking the shooter as a suspect in the death of his father, whose body was found in his home on the same morning, a few hours before the shooting began at the Faculty of Philosophy at this university, one of the oldest universities in the world. Europe.

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Besides investigating his father's murder, Czech police suspect that the attacker also killed a 32-year-old man and his few-month-old child. The two bodies were found in a forest on December 15.

Thursday's shooting at Carolina University, the largest bloodbath in the country's modern history, shook Czech society. Images of groups of students leaving campus in a row, arms raised or seeking shelter between the edges of the building, have spread around the world. The image that the media paints of the attacker is reminiscent of similar killings in schools or universities in the United States or other European countries. The police suspect that the perpetrator acted “inspired” by these crimes.

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