Pokémon HOME, ALL NEWS: Added new goals and restrictions

Pokémon HOME, ALL NEWS: Added new goals and restrictions

In the’Today morning affiliate May 30thwas released on The long-awaited update to Pokemon Homewhich is presented Compatibility with Pokemon scarlet and violetas well as new Objectives and some restrictions.

In particular, the new app update adds the possibility transformation the little monsters In the latest brand titles i adds New Pokemon and Baldea formstogether with Walking form to chmygol And Goldengo from Pokemon GO. It is also possible Change movements of Pokémon by choosing them from all the people he has learned up to that point and shown Source games details Some little monsters.

Among the innovations presented, there is also one restriction: If a creature got in Pokemon Shining Diamond or Shining Pearl receives theProfessional training while he is in The level is less than 100can be transferred back to Remake of the fourth generation Only if it is brought to Level 100.

the new to update From Pokémon HOME also brings with it several New goals:

  • Deposit your Gimmighoul walking form from Pokémon GO
  • Deposit a Pokémon with the Ultimate Power Emblem
  • Deposit one Pokemon with the Big and Big Logo and one Pokemon with the Small Logo
  • Complete Paldea’s Pokédex in Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet
  • Record the three species of Forma di Paldea di Tauros
  • Record the four shapes of Squawkabilly
  • Record 3 forms of Tatsujiri
  • Conformal register Maushold
  • Dudunsparce configurable record
  • Record 4 different Pokemon
  • Score Wailtail, Mushroom Fury, Crenewing, and Sandhair
  • Record Saccoferreo, Manoferrea, Colloferreo, and Spineferree
  • Visit the 2023 Pokémon International Championship website
  • Replace Armarouge with Ceruledge or vice versa
  • Replace Greatfangs with Ironfurrow or vice versa
  • Substitute erasanti for Moth iron, or vice versa
  • Replace Roarmoon with Ironhero or vice versa
  • Replace Tentacruel with Toedscruel or vice versa
  • Replace Dugtrio with Wugtrio or vice versa
  • Trade Quagsire for Clodsire or vice versa
  • Replace Koraidon with Miraidon or vice versa
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Finally, we remind you that to find out the list of all Pokémon that can be transferred from Pokémon HOME to Scarlet and Violet, you can read our dedicated article.

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