What it is and why it could pose a threat to Europe

It sounds crazy and instead it seems to be a real threat: orbital station (ISS) as a kind of weapon Russia.

Sea areas or land clashes were not enough, not even the sky is enough: today the conflict is moving outer space And endanger the lives of astronauts. For now, it’s just a matter of propaganda, but those orbiting in space, whether European, Russian or American, should beware of the latest threats. Dmitriy RogozinRoscosmos director.

After the string of surprises Putin has kept for the rest of the world these days, it seemed that there could be no such dizzying vicissitudes. But this time the threats are also affecting space.

What is the International Space Station?

The International Space Station (ISS) is in orbit to dedicate itself to scientific research. Provides management of this rule for Cooperation of different countries Including the United States and Russia: the Americans guarantee power to the entire structure, while the Russians provide the thrust needed to keep it at a height.

It is about the size of a football field, making it the largest building ever built by man in space. she has size 100 meters long and 80 meters wide. Weight? 455 tons.

Collaboration between the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia and Canada is also one of the mainstays of the future of space exploration, with ambitious programs such as the Gateway space station dedicated to orbiting the moon and building a base on the moon. Soil.

Everything, at least there, continues to proceed quietly and in peaceful cooperation, but the ground conditions seem to influence far beyond the limits considered thus far.

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Because killing ISS would be a serious problem

“The International Space Station could be located in the United States, Europe or some other country. But not about Russia. Are you ready?”

Through a series of tweets, this is how the head of the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) responds, Dmitriy Rogozinsanctions imposed by the United States.

But this is no joke, and the threat to suspend the operation of the International Space Station is a serious matter that could affect the United States or Europe with dire consequences. because? We can answer this question by analyzing The work of the International Space Station.

So we understood that the International Space Station is an orbiting vehicle and that’s why it often runs the risk of hitting various obstacles like space debris. To avoid damage, the engines of the Russian cargo shuttles, The Progress, are used, which dock in the orbital laboratory: the International Space Station moves and continues to operate without any damage.

But how can this technology and efficiency continue if relations between the United States and Russia collapse?

there The International Space Station’s orbit correction will fail If the Russians can no longer guarantee maintenance at a height. Needless to say, this is not just a problem for the space station and its astronauts. Without maintaining orbit, the International Space Station risks falling and the Russian threat consists precisely of: intimidating opponents by threatening to fall on the United States itself or on Europe.

NASA’s response: There is no danger to the space station

in ad NASA spokesman Joshua Finchreported by the site Space.comis reading:

“NASA continues to work with all its international partners, including the Russian space agency Roscosmos, to ensure the safety of operations on the space station.”

Sarah. But so far, reassurances from countries to allay the concerns raised by Putin and Russia have proven ineffective.

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