Remake announced for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC by Remedy and Rockstar Games –

Remake announced for PS5 and Xbox Series X |  S and PC by Remedy and Rockstar Games –

suddenly , Remedy Entertainment announce me Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Remake about PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and PCThanks to an agreement signed with Rockstar Games, the current owner of the rights to the series.

The reproductions will be made with the help of the Northlight engine, the same graphics engine used in Quantum Break and Control, and will be published as one game. However, the release date is still a long way off, since Remedy claims that the works are still in the concept stage.

According to the details contained in the official press release: Remasters will be funded by Rockstar Gameswhich will take care of the development, marketing and other expenses of distributing and publishing the game, with the promise that the project will be treated in all respects as a typical three-production of the cure.

Max Payne

“We were thrilled when our old friends from Remedy asked us to do a Max Payne remake,” Rockstar founder Sam Houser said in the ad. “We are so impressed with the work the Remedy team has created over the years, we can’t wait to play these new releases.”

Tero Virtala, CEO of Remedy Entertainment added, “Max Payne has always held a special place in everyone’s heart at Remedy and we know that millions of fans around the world feel the same way. We are very excited to be working once again with our partners at Rockstar Games for the opportunity to bring the story back to life. and the action and atmosphere of the original Max Payne games for players in new ways.”

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